View of Cyan City, Paradisa

Paradisa is a resort world where UUniversals can take a relaxing vacation. It's one of the most famous places in the UUniverses for it's environmentally-friendly government, it's successful economy, it's cheap sales prices, it's clean environment, and it's massive bodies of water. The world has had no conflicts for nearly a century after the Paradisan War III. The Shell Lodge Squad usually comes here to take a much-needed break from doing their jobs as heroes. It's only ever controversial history concerns a formerly-kept government/military secret about militant sharks and the origins of a mutant shark named Goliath. It's basically like a larger Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts, but with traits from places like Hawaii, The Caribbean, and Florida resorts.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will mostly stay the same, and will be renamed "Laxia".


Paradisa Globe Map

Paradisa Globe Map

Paradisa evolved the same way Earth did, once being ruled by dinosaurs, then by humans, as well as a few sentient animals. But the Paradisans had a much different history. Before the Common Era, their discovery of the wheel had, in exactly 2 months, have allowed them to create watermills as a renewable power source and for irrigation. But this discovery became much more advanced as the centuries passed. The watermills became a type of hydroelectric power plant that allowed steam to power a built-in steam engine that produced electricity which was infused into tubed water tanks that increased the power, and provided renewable power for Paradisa. The environment was also kept clean when cremation devices were made with the use of fire and spinning blades which broke down trash, and recycling was done 90% of the time, making Paradisa one of the cleanest places in the UUniverses.

Not many conflicts have appeared in Paradisa due to military activity being at an all-time low, and very few crimes happen, yet police forces are required in case of vandalism or other reasons. The only conflicts that ever appeared in Paradisa have been Paradisan Wars I, II, and III. Paradisan War I was meant to stop oil refineries from causing environmental damage, Paradisan War II was meant to stop a law that would cause polluting factories to be built and damage the environment, and Paradisan War III was meant to prevent the economy from being ruined by a corrupt president who attempted to turn Paradisa into a Communist society. After Paradisan War III, no other conflicts occured for nearly a century.



  • Lake Paradiso
  • Paraíso City- Capital City
  • Cyan City
  • Lago Loco


  • Gulf of Bath
  • Casca Falls
  • Malibu Costella
  • Marinopolis
  • Rain City


  • Lake Cerulean
  • Lake Mara
  • Upendous Sea Caves
  • Costo de la Palma


  • Alooma Lagoon
  • Lake Beril
  • Lake Boosalis
  • Gulf of Balubble
  • Jubilee Valley
  • Halo Falls
  • Aquadise City
  • Aracaribia
  • Lacque City
  • Ribereño
  • Helio City

Détente Island

  • Galley Falls
  • Valent

Legacy Islands

  • Quartza Sea Caves
  • Tulip Falls
  • Arena Dorada
  • Maravilla

Poseidon's Island Belt

  • Cora Falls
  • Amahal Sea Caves
  • Poseidunna
  • Armonía
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