Parsifal Trave Gymber Armsmonger
Vital statistics
Title Paroxysmus, The Warmage, Master of War Arts, Scourge of Warrus, AUU Merasmus
Gender Male
Race/Species Toshan
Faction Independent Rogue Magelio User
Description Dedicated Geek, Smart Yet Crazy, Likes To Tease Team Positron With His Magic, Jokester, Dramatic In Tone
Skills and Abilities Summons All Forms of AUU Weaponry and War Inventions In Existence Through Weaponomicon, Warrus Demon Army, Magic Grants Flight, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Force Fields, Telepathy, Magical Manifestation, War Experience Builds Reflexes, Coordination, Versatility, Adaptability, Strategy, And So On,
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Qroland, Mizigard (Location coming soon...) (Birthplace)
  • Nerfwyre City, Xalcrom (Eta Universe, Dalimpir Sector, Wargald System) (Hometown)
  • Warrus Hellish Underworld, Iircen (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Siamaxus System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Dedicated Evil

Parsifal Trave Gymber Armsmonger, AKA Paroxysmus, is an Alternate UUniversal Toshan from Planet Mizigard. He is a dark Magelio sorcerer obsessed with 'the magic of war'. Being born on Mizigard yet whisked away to the war world of Xalcrom where he was raised by a war veteran with multiple inflictions and disorders from war battles. He later grew up a nerd and later fought during many wars with his gaming giving him talent in battle and combat until he was exiled off-planet for war crimes. He shanghaied himself to Magelio, where he taught himself how to live as long as he wanted, and discovered a mysterious book called the 'Weaponomicon', a book capable of summoning the most powerful of war machines and weapons, and controlling them to one's own leisure. This book was strictly forbidden by the Magelio Council, but he left the planet before the Magelio Council could catch him, and used the book to do many unidentified Interuniversal War invasions and chaos. He later hid out on Iircen after the Magelio Council was starting to track him down with Magelio enforcers. He hid in a very secluded hellish underworld called Warrus, which was a mythical underworld of unknown origin and contained the demonic incarnations of the worst of people that fought during wars, and constantly waged an eternal war with each other with the use of all known AUU war technology summoned by demonic mana. There, he built a giant fortress where he would plan his next move. But he discovers that he may need to take care of a possible threat: Team Positron, and until then, he teases them with his magic without them even noticing. He is the ultimate warlord and tactician in his own eyes as he has the ability to summon any war prop of his desire with the use of the Weaponomicon. Aside from that, his other magical abilities are impressive, including teleportation, telekinesis, flight, force-fields, telepathy, and the ability to magically manifest anything he desires. He is also among the many people who play Wars and Weapons with his own magically-cloned demonic henchmen, and made an actual War and Weapons virtual arena in his lair to increase his forces' strategy. He's like the AUU version of Merasmus.


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Coming soon...

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