The UIS Identity Heroes Act and the Lodgers are off to do another isolated mission. This one is for the Globrunx System, which claims they had seen evidence of a lost ship called the Faith, which was lost on a mission to colonize the isolated Beyon System which offered a lot of promise long ago during the beginning days of Globex. They go there and come across Phinbarr Wellborn, a criminal wanted by the system's Corporate Board for crimes against them. He wishes to end their corporate greed upon discovering that they were the ones responsible for the disappearance of the Faith, along with the fact that they are actually illegal USRA-corporate colonists in DNA Disguises of Isolated System Natives and that the companies are actually off-brand covers from known USRA businesses allowed to run amock of things without the GCC's restrictions and being held back by things like the Infernus Rule. He has freed one of them, a human who was spared the fate of the others named Ricmond Spacer, his crew comprising of a robot named STAN, a mechanical tinker named Tinkitana, a very skilled medic named Ulie, an operative hunter named Niaka, a former vicar named Mio, and a very ambitious first mate named Feon. They all have gone far in bringing down the head honcho of the Board, Chairman Corptris, who used to be a great entrepreneur in the Globrunx System until his business was shut down by the GCC for several reasons, primarily for having too many lack of licenses and other legal issues. Angry, he took revenge by misdirecting the Faith and having it stranded so that he could steal the Beyon System for himself. Now he is an android who lives to ensure that his hold on the system stays alive, and will stop at nothing to keep it that way. Thus the heroes must help stop him and save the Faith and its cryogenically-frozen passengers, and by-obligation of UIS law, close down the illegal secret USRA-Business Operations before something TOO IRREVERSIBLE happens and Corpris' self-interest entitlement and years of illegal operation ends up igniting an Alliance War.

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