Dodge City, Pastoon

Pastoon is a Western-themed world which is so close to it's Sun, every part of it is covered in desert. It was colonized by Spanish space-faring pioneers that made Pastoon a grand area in the UUniverses. The entire world is populated by Western-themed human and animal settlers who live in a Western-based society, but also have populated cities that are either similar to Las Vegas, or just regular cities. Despite it's distance from the Sun, it still has bodies of water. Pastoon has a large variety of criminal records, thus has large police forces, and contains over a hundred towns and dozens of cities. The world is hot in the day, and cold in the night, and contains a variety of wildlife and flora. Some other kinds of colonies have been made here like some from Arabia or Africa.


Pastoon Globe Map

Pastoon was discovered by ancient Spanish space pioneers during the UUniversal Crusades who discovered how to build a Gummi Ship out of raw materials like metal, bronze, gold, and use gun powder as a fuel source. Being lead on an expedition by a Spanish Ibex conquistador named Galo Francisco, the pioneers had survived a week of travelling and arrived at Pastoon, naming it after a mythical Spanish paradise of his animal world. Within a few years, Pastoon was colonized and made into a Wild-Western world with little technology. But when Galo died at age 87, other UUniversal settlers came in from other Gummi Ships and built several cities with lights, casinos, hotels, and big businesses. This revolutionized part of Pastoon, yet half of the community preferred to be in their typical Wild-West society. But some of the advanced technologies they accepted such as TV, radios, irrigation systems, stoves, and so on.

Government and Civilization

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  • Dunnavant (City)
  • Onamia (City)
  • Peoser (City)
  • Dycusburg (Town)
  • Rundenis (Town)

Tarrin Mountains

  • Sumpter (Town)
  • Bauxite Town (Town)

Westray Mountains

  • Paonia (City)
  • Shannon City (City)

Estéril Valley

  • Cibecue (Town)*
  • Las Vayas (City)
  • Gypsum City (Town)

Llamarada Valley

  • Quartzsite (Town)

Whitefire Canyon

Cromo Luz Gold Mines

Cow's Tail Island


  • Terrell (City)
  • Calamus (Town)
  • Baxter City (Town)

Aroonshire Mountains

  • Grayce City (Town)

Degreea Mountains

Beggar's Hole Valley

Quenar Valley

  • Secaucas (City)
  • Rhame (City)

Black Eye Canyon


  • Sadorius (City)
  • Dodge City (Town)

Deathfall Mountains

  • Loretto (Town)

Charcoal Valley

  • Fenris City (City)
  • Tenino (Town)

El Scorch Canyon

Copperhead Mines


  • Killian (City)
  • Arden (City)
  • Turlock (Town)

Incine Mountains

  • Trommald (Town)

Singe Gold Mines

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