William Bert Payne

William B. Payne was a Galapagos land iguana from Planet Poi-Son who was raised during the tyranny of Hank the Mutant Frog as a survivor until it was quickly handled by the Lodgers. He quickly grew up and became a sports athlete that liked to bust moves and swing across the trees with his acrobatic skills. But later on in his life, after dealing with a great tragedy, he will soon be a corrupted assistant of Hank Jr, who uses the DNA of strong animals such as lions, bears, crocodiles, and even some dinosaurs. Payne would then be referred to by his last name, and be a very brutal assistant for HJ who is basically his own Crocovore. Though even after Hank Jr. would later be reformed, Payne would go rogue and still remain evil, refusing to accept all he had gone through in his past, later gaining access to all his power, and becoming yet another mutant mastermind of Poi-Son.


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As a former athlete, Payne has an expansive knowledge of acrobatics, being able to jump around and flip like a primate, and swing across trees and branches. He can also climb and scale walls very easily. He can scale at any angle, even upside-down. He has an innate jumping height, incredible strength, agility, and stamina, and his roar is ear-shattering. As a lizard, he can naturally regenerate lost limbs and heal from wounds.

He shares the DNA of lions, apes, bears, crocodiles, and even dinosaurs from prehistoric worlds. Though as the result of the warm-blooded and cold-blooded genes being unable to differentiate with each other, Payne's aggression levels are increased which is what caused him to be corrupted upon his mutation. This aggression makes him dangerously difficult to defeat as his adrenaline increases his strength and makes him immune to many forms of pain. His teeth can regenerate due to the dinosaur DNA, the ape DNA increases his agility and his acrobatic capabilities, his crocodile DNA increases his durability and allows him to hold his breath longer underwater, the bear DNA gives him increased strength, and the lion DNA gives him increased agility and a pride-like instinct.

Being exposed to Hank Jr's ingenious machines for so long have allowed him to become an expert mechanic and engineer. Though he still has trouble with mathematical equations and formulas, he is still resourceful enough to eventually become the next mutant mastermind for Poi-Son.

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