"One often is met with desteny in the path they choose to try and avoid it."

Peace-Mind is a Fuucgus Peacemaker who joined the HA's cause. While he offers nothing in the combat department, Peace-Mind is considerably perfect as a peace maker to help them put usually unreasonable folks in a listening mood, espeically helpful in tense situations with hostile races or those not exactly known to appresiate the HA, and usually is perfect as the negosiater against tense situations like hostage situations and espeically helpful in situations where the threat or target is going to be a threat to even themselves. Though no fighter, Peace-Mind still has a sense of defense, but not from him directly, but through using mind-projections of what his threats fear most or what they desire most and leave them to be self-defeated by those things, or sometimes, it's just as easy as using brainwaves to automaticly put threats to slumber and render them harmless, like a mushroomy yoda. Peace-Mind does not let the fact that he is small deter him from any situation, even when the Oppendent is larger then a planet. Peace-Mind doesn't believe in "Enemies", like any Fuucgus. Only in "Friends that are not yet friends". An idealogity expected from a peacekeeper, and exactly the kind of guy the Lougers would like to have in the HA to keep the HA from always having a black and white perspective on every situation.
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