Based on the situation Riku went through in Chain of Memories, Shen has been kidnapped by an unexpected Allience of Pitch Black, and the still living villains Xenophob (Su Su Ka-Boom's heartless), Pei Mai, and Xehanort. Pitch Black has been corrupted by Xehanort to become loyal to the ways of the Great Cycle, and has asentually betrayed the Villain Leage beyond his control and consent. This mysterious reason is simple: Xehanort is trying to make new visionaires of the great cycle, and he also wants to dent the lougers very badly by turning their own general against them, by making him relive some of Shen's most toughest challnages and most horrorable tragies, including his origin into evil, the events of Kung Fu Panda 2, and the imfamous Radient Garden dishastor. Can Shen be able to maintain his desteny as a hero, or does he truely belong to darkness? But most of all, can he survive through Xehanort's rip-off of castle obvilian: Kingdom Desteny? Everything the louge went through was bad enough, now Shen? Once Shen makes it through this, Xehanort's plans for him and Ptich is gonna be ended before it starts as Shen with Cynder and Riku (The Mickeys in this story) deside to stop the villains in their tracks and put Castle Oblivion's rip off out of it's misery for good.

(The main theme of this episode)

Marluxia Boss Theme-Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories

Marluxia Boss Theme-Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories

Shen's adventures through Kingdom Desteny.

The Most horrorable tragies in Shen's life (resevred to the start, then finish.)

  • The Origin in Kung Fu Panda 2. (The start)
  • The Events of the Radient Garden dishastor (Early start of end)
  • The Events of Kung Fu Panda 2 (Finale of end.)

Shen's biggest, toughest challnages.

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