Pearloscha B. Watapon is an Alternate UUniversal Neustoid from Planet Harbanisan. Her species is the AUU version of mermaids, and is a close friend of Olarm who aided in helping her swim properly, and aided in her adapting to such a dangerous oceanic climate, and finally allowing her to visit her underwater hometown of Meridibus once she became able to survive underwater for 2-in-a-half hours, and even gave her an artificial gill device she unearthed in a shipwreck in case she's in over her head to get to the surface for air. When she comes to Pooler Island, she hangs out at a place called Reefloy Falls, which is a get-together for Neustoids and Olarm swims and hangs out with them every once in a while, usually to get away from stress. Pearloscha was Olarm's first friend and they met when Pearloscha was 16 and Olarm was still a cute water-loving 4-year-old toddler, and first met her when she was swimming in her favorite tide pool near the Reefloy Falls, and she instantly warns her to avoid a poisonous anemone residing in the tide pool, becoming friends from that point on as she believed she needed protection from incidents like that, especially when learning of her origins, and how used she was to the water. When Pooler Island gets it's own city following the humans' return, she becomes a good greeter at a park build around a Neustoid Park, and even falls in love with a human employee.


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