Peepers and Jeepers

Peepers (Top) And Jeepers (Bottom)

Peepers (P.E.E.P 3.R.S.) and Jeepers (J.E.E.P.3.R.S.) are a duo of comical, misfited, and glitchy repair bots that Clifton Clever adopted after they were rejected by an impathent robot seller who the duo keep annoying with pranks and mischief that annoy off potainional buyers. Peepers is the brave and couragious of the duo, and the most trouble making, and is not afraid to make pranks on even an imposing force. Jeepers is the more, cowerdly and shy of the duo, but always stick by Peepers no matter what. Peepers and Jeepers are glitchy Saucer Head Repair Bots created by the USRA to repair ships and other robots. They are good of actselly repairing things in an almost cartoony fast rate, but most of the time, they prefer to have fun and make laughs/shouts of anger as well and annoy the crud out of would-be targets. They always end up annoying the crud out of Xandy most of all, cause she formerly tried to get at Clifton, who they worked hard to ensure he wins the heart of Samantha, and they pick on Xandy to punish her for causing a love triangle, implying they pick on people who try to mess with Clifton or his social life much more then Cliff's friends.
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