Pepper Bren

Pepper Delam Bren

Pepper D. Bren was an Alternate UUniversal Crynctile from Planet Sioephus. He was once a member of the Sioephus Rangers and was a partner to Taila Baxis. The two joined the Sioephus Rebellion to battle against the technocratic rule of Master Ganali and even met Byron Buster along the way. Byron didn't seem to appreciate how Pepper treated him since new faces made him nervous ever since a whole spy operation that almost exposed their base's location. His temper and actions against Byron resulted in him getting booted off of the Ganali case and losing the friendship of Taila. But in the final battle, Pepper came and sacrificed himself to save the group and allow them to defeat Ganali. A funeral for him was held soon afterward, and Taila felt guilty for abandoning him, though she decided to fight battles for her friend. Pepper was hot-tempered and distrusting to strangers, and he cared for Taila so much, it came to the point where he stopped anything from happening to her, even if it wasn't necessary.


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