Gossaam. A planet ruled by a perfectionest elite that wants everything to be perfect in their world where imperfection wasn't allowed, at all. These elites, known as The Perfectocrats, are infamously known to "dispose of" the imperfects with methods deemed very unhumane. As such, Gossaam has been made an USRA enemy for their cruelty to those that don't match their expectations. However, Gossaam's power is challnaged by a 4-member hero group dedicated to take the Perfectocrats down, known as The Imperfects, who slowly but surely are stripping away the Perfectocrats' power on the world. Unfortunately, Lord Perfection has unvailed an Astro-Laser-eqsed weapon that, as suppose to destroy worlds, it turns imperfect worlds into perfect worlds where everything's like Gossaam, nothing but perfection, while imperfectation and quilities assusiated with it, goes practically extinct. Lord Perfection deems it as a means to rid the universes of imperfection and the Imperfects. The Perfectocrats have gone the deep end. The Imperfects came to believe that they won't be enough to stop the Perfectocrats anymore, and now call for Louger and HA aide. However, they must be careful, for the Dark Radicals are funding Lord Perfection's weapon in return for Lord Perfection to sell off any imperfect person to be turned into a slave or worse, as such, the Perfectocrats would be expecting the heroes and had priorly study many of their own tactics. How does one fight villains who are litterally textbook followers of the Evil Overlord List and are obeying every single rule in it?

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