Pestillancers are plant-insectoid-like Outer Gods that're the source of all mortal sicknesses and bringers of outbreaks. Pestillancers are behind the existence of germ microbes, viruses, parasitic creatures, infectious plants and fungi, and cell-based sicknesses, among many others. Often the creatures would balance out mortal being and animal populations with sicknesses, amorally believing that doing this will allow the strong to thrive while the weak are 'taken care of', having a Darwinist view of the strong and the weak, and don't care about the weak, only allowing the strong to inherit the future of their world. They view cures and vaccines to be an annoyance in their craft and deemed healing the sick to be 'misguided protections of weakness'. Like Fearbenders, Pestillancers take their craft WAY too seriously. Like viruses, they can steal DNA from others and use that to evolve. But unlike viruses, even a single piece of DNA can make them evolve a century, allowing them to expand their power infinitely. (Image coming soon by me when I can get to it).

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