Phantom Shadow (1)

A Phantom Shadow

The Phantom Shadow is an enemy of Scooby Doo in the Scooby Doo show. Originally, there were two Phantom Shadows, and they were used as disguises by the Creep lawyers in order to scare off some relatives of the late Colonel Beauregard so that they would inherit the money in his will. In the spongebob series, Facilier got word of the Phantom Shadows, and was impressed by how scary they looked. So, he used his voodoo magic to capture two lost souls amongst his shadow demon hordes, and give them a corporeal form, transforming them into two new Phantom Shadows. These Phantom Shadows are more powerful versions of Shadow Demons, and have access to all of the shadow demons's powers as well as manipulate their chains to grab and capture their enemies. The Phantom Shadows will debut in Spirited Away, where Facilier summons them to attack the Shell Louge Squad and Creeper's gwythaints before Zeniba arrives to turn them back briefly into shadow demons. oddly enough, there is a look-a-like of this ghost seen among Count Dracula's monsters in the singing parts of SpongeBob and Friends Find the Black Cauldron.
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