Pharaoh Phoebus Verrea Plaguom, AKA Pharaoh Plague is a Mothron who currently resides in hibernation in a deadly pyramid in the Southern corners of Equestria. Being one of the earliest Mothrons in history, he was heralded as a god to the country's native Sphinx population, including their leader, Pharaoh Thoebus, who killed ponies through many complexities like riddles as sacrifices to him as it helped him gain power, and allowed him to craft his own prototype Keyblade that was like a blend between a khopesh and a sword, and found a lost Uniter Accessory capable of turning anyone into heartless/nobody/unversed. However, he failed to really get a use out of it thanks to a pony thief, and could not leave his tomb to search for it because the outside world's defenses would've annihilated him in an instant. This theft ended up resulting in the near-extinction of his sphinx worshippers, including Thoebus. Being heralded as a god gave Plague what was known as a 'God complex', which is what happens when an immortal false god is heralded as a god for so long, they gain the personality of such, and thus he has the wisdom of one, but still has the natural evil to make him formidable. He has sworn that one person would come by and earn him the chance to get the accessory back, before the revered Uniter Princess gets a hold of it.


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