Phase Omegera

"I used to be a hero!? Now look at me?! I'm a monster!?"

Phase Omegera was a result of reminents of the original Phase, has been piece togather with spare parts from Hornets, Crash Test Dummies, Experiment, and broken parts of Doctor Nefarious from bad enough losses from battles. A resulting project of Queen Broken, she mainly has the intention of helping the newly born walking scrap beast a new chance to exist in a fairer socity. However, somewhere inside, there is still what remains of the malfuntioning Phase, waiting to break free, and if a bad enough atosity accures against machines, and once that does, a deadlier new nature of Phase Original will be reborned. He has the blasters of A hornet, the durabley of the original, the strengh of the Exspeariment, the maniacalness of Nefarious, and rebuildable ability of a crash dummy, making him a versitale reserected foe to anyone who wronged him or Queen Broken, and once he would seek to destroy the wrong doer, almost noone would stop him. The only one with the power to quell Phase Omegera, is Broken, and only so if Broken sees that he is an uncontrolable wreck of a machine, and that has to be seriously something cause Broken would never harm a fellow machine for anything.
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