Phasel Evs Joppler was an Alternate UUniversal Viden from Planet Vidos. She was known in the days of the AUU First Cartoonian War to have been the very first Censen, or a being who used Cerwan's Mutation, a sentient phenomenon that allows one to mutate to suit their environment as they age, to channel phasepowers, which is what comes with exposure to uridium, an accumulating energetic substance from another dimension. When she aimed to study this substance, even coming to read it like a real person, she accidentally got stranded in the substance's origin dimension, seeing the potential danger that uridium can cause. After a lifetime of living and surviving in this dimension, she returned home 30 years later changed. Her mind and perception had been changed, but her phasepowers were immeasurably great. She thus could only speak a language that would come to be the language and dialect of the Uridians. She also had a neutral moral compass and only fought for the sanctity of uridium and ensured that it wasn't used by the wrong hands. Her lifespan was also expanded, but she died while leaving endless alien warnings on walls that explained her views poetically and that under absolutely no circumstances is uridium to be used as a weapon of mass destruction or it could tear the AUU apart. She is the AUU version of Borderlands Nyriad.


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