Myron B. Stalwart, AKA Phenomenon, is a fictional Superior tiger published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He had once been deemed to be a superhero with his superpowers. Unfortunately, when he lost his rights as a hero for causing too much property damage, he abandoned his hometown, and had started committing crimes. Then he had been manipulated one day by Mr. McKeon into almost providing info on capturing The Amazing Nine. But when he discovered he was tricked, Phenomenon battled him, and tried to kill him. When he thinks he is dead, he is actually praised. But he deliberately shuns it all and begins wreaking chaos all over Prometheon. He challenges The Amazing Nine into coming to battle him, and even kidnaps Grotch to do it. Shockingly, he defeats them, and claims Prometheon for himself. He enslaves the entire city, banishes The Amazing Nine and Grotch from the city, and puts up an illegal quantum field generator around the city so no Superior could go in or out. Mr. McKeon, angry about his humiliation, gets Tomorrow Corps to take him down. He is easily able to go through the field, and manages to inadvertently help The Amazing Nine and Grotch defeat Phenomenon. While Phenomenon gets sent to jail, Mr. McKeon retreats. Phenomenon has since been trying to get revenge on the Amazing Nine, and maybe even Mr. McKeon. He has tried to defeat them 3 times. Phenomenon is a voracious villain who will kill anyone who dares to stand up to him. He is a clever and strategic fighter who thinks of ways to take down even the mightiest of opponents. No other Superior has been able to prove too much for him. His powers include super-strength, super-flight, invulnerability, heat-vision, X-ray vision, microscopic vision, super-longevity, power negation, and psychometry.

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