Pho Cosus

Pho Cosus is an Alternate UUniversal Coonda from Planet Zo. He is a panda/bear-like procyontid that is also the famed Dracthon Warrior, starting out in a destroyed village ravaged by what was apparently Master Cen, a Ranacock who was actually trying to defend it from another dangerous threat, but became an antihero exile when the blame was placed on him by Master Crobra in a failed attempt to sway him to his side because of his vow to fight for good for Siri's parents. Raised in Qong Fu Valley under the care of a food shop owner in the form of a Themo named Pong. However, he ended up being thrown into being chosen as the Dracthon Warrior by apparent accident. He is thus roped into battling Tei Long, and manages to succeed after understanding the cryptic secret of the Dracthon Scroll. He has since become the Qong Fu Valley's greatest defender and mascot. He also ends up becoming a member of the Clam Lounge Squadron when they help him defeat Tei Long. He later discovers the past of his parents when rescuing Siri and meeting Cen, and though he was tricked into nearly busting Cen, he discovers the truth, and this Cen is made the general of the Lounge, looking after Siri as her adopted uncle as she learns new fighting skills by just watching him. He is the AUU version of Po.


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