James Photon as Photon-A-Nation

James G. Photon, AKA Photon-a-Nation, was a Superior rabbit from Kratos that died through a seemingly-accidental incident. He was a local popular kid who was a rarity that, despite having shallow vanity-obsessed parents, shallow self-absorbed popular friends, and hereditary good looks from a super-model mother and a move star father, James was a decent and well-mannered student in a school in New Thebes. He never judged people for who they were, what wealth they possessed, or even if they were mimickers. He was especially sympathic for Aaron Solaris, who felt that he shouldn't be bullied just because he made dumb mistakes, or is prone to making them. However, before he even got to attempt to make Aaron a friend, he ended up falling victim to Aaron's latest mistake by pretending to be him while kidnapping the real one. When Aaron's scheme was exposed, Aaron originally tried to make Photon look hideous with his powers to make him know what it is like to be unpopular, mistaking James as just another spoiled popular jerk. However, because the cops were being manipulated by a corrupt police commissioner, Aaron's powers were augmented into killing him instead as an excuse to prosecute light-manipulating Superiors. In the spirit realm, the spirits of the light Superiors that were enemies of the Shadowbane family explained that he was a victim of a conspiracy by a particularly-vengeful Shadow Superior. James understood even before that it wasn't Aaron's fault, especially that Aaron brutally shouted that he would 'make him super-ugly', obviously implying that it was not the speech said to have an intent for murder. Sadly, the rules of the dead forbidden him from saving Aaron from the unjust cruelty taken place against Aaron and he was doomed to be stuck in the spirit realm, kept in high hopes that Aaron further proves no true malevolence when he paid tributes to his grave. However, he ends up getting a unique opportunity to correct the injustice, ironically from another villain, and would end up become an accidentally-created hero of Kratos. He's only half-Darkspawn by technicality because of the Makuta machine, but he's not truly a Darkspawn or a true demon. He's more so a possessed zombie. His powers, which he still possesses even as Photon-a-Nation are light manipulation and a psychic shield.
  • MCode: LmPsh


James Photon (Normal)

James Gary Photon before death.

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