Jennifer Thin-n-Tall, (Nicknamed Exercisia) is a UUniversally-known giraffe famous for mastering every form of athletics, gymnastics, and even 20 forms of martial arts and many times golden-medal-winner of every single UUniversal Game Competition. However, she has gotten tired of how some of the UUniverses' people have started getting lazier, and eventually decides to hack the radio waves of the UUniversal TV Network with her Blue Iguana assistant, Dallas Tongue, and replace every channel with a hypnotic exercise program that hypnotizes people to start being physically fit. The one who gets furious at this is Trixie, who's favorite soap opera was rudely interrupted by this giraffe, and decides to go forth and stop her by herself as yet another attempt to prove her greatness. But of course, her fellow Lodgers friends aren't gonna be far behind. Batty, Icky, Iago, Po, Gilda, Merlin, and even Fidget go with her on this mission. But how can they stop an giraffe who somehow knows over 20 martial arts, and is fit enough to crush even the toughest of her opponents with an abnormally-large neck? Especially when Narcotic and Celsius accidentally get caught in this whole thing?


Coming soon...

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