Physicbreakers are Outer Gods that resemble miniature spinning galaxies that have the ability to alter a dimension's physical laws. They can fly at lightspeed, they can blind opponents, can negate laws of motion including friction and inertia, can reduce mass and force, and so on. These creatures were born from the hearts of dying dimensions in their heat deaths and yet had the physical laws to become not just a rogue dimension, but already have a full sentience from the Amoral One who owned the dying dimension. Thus imprinted by such a crazy event, they were made insane and their presence in a universe induces disruptions in it's physical laws, intentional or not. These new physical laws that they induce can normally be deadly for it's natives. Thus often they have an enemyhood of Physic Councilors, who aim to contain Physicbreakers as much as possable. Sometimes they are targeted by Verse Scrappers due to tecnecally being apart of a previously dead multiverse, from a heat death even, and are a missing piece of cosmic energy needed to be recycled back into the Amoral Ones. Sometimes Physicbreakers are abit sympathy worthy for Devient Outer Gods, as they can't always help being like this, though sometimes their broken nature turns into nilisum, and a nilisitic Physicbreaker is espeically dangerious.

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