Piero the Valiant

Piero Relson Uedrilt, AKA Piero the Valiant

Piero R. Uedrilt, AKA Piero the Valiant, is an Alternate UUniversal Kangalot from Planet Sioephus. He started off as a sports all-star who performed in several arena games until he decided that his skills were useful in heroism. So he joined the Sioephus Rangers, and when Master Ganali threatened to thrust the planet into technocracy, he joined the Sioephus Rebellion and soon made friends with several rebels, and later Byron Buster. When the Villains Act finally came to an end, Piero became a member of the taskforce called the Two Up Society. He is known for wielding a combat boomerang just like Byron, only it is more advanced in design and technology as it is compactable and can be stored, and even functions as a lighting source.


Piero was born on the outback planet of Sioephus in a small but successful town called Jori Bosse, where he was raised by a single mother. Growing up, Piero had a fascination for sports since his mother was into sports all the time growing up. He decided to impress his mother by becoming a master at sports. He became good at sports such as skateboarding, hoverboarding, ball games, and racing. He even became an expert at using a boomerang. When he went to college, he decided that it was time to show his mother what he was capable of, and entered the annual college game arena. While he didn't win, he didn't care since all he wanted was to impress his mother, and also that it was just for exercise and an adrenaline rush. But the problem was that she was afraid that he would get hurt, and decided to keep a close eye on him.

This continued on for 2 years, and Piero just couldn't take it. But then luck found him when he was able to stop a mugger from stealing his mother's purse, impressing her to the point where she let go of her over-protective nature, and allowed him to join the Sioephus Rangers. There, he made friends with several rangers, and gained enough experience to wield his own custom combat boomerang. He served with them fairly well for the next 5 years until Master Ganali threatened to thrust the planet into a technocratic society. To ensure that his mother was safe, Piero brought his mother to live with the Sioephus Rebellion until the problem was solved. He was even able to help rescue someone from Ganali's Praetorian Robots, impressed that the stranger was able to survive even 60 seconds against them when others have not made it this far except for the Rebellion. He eventually discovered that this stranger was actually the legendary Sioephus adventurer, Byron Buster, who's Ranger parents had mysteriously vanished on him, leaving only their 2 combat boomerangs behind, both of which Byron wields.

Becoming a quick ally to Byron, Piero decides to aid him in defeating Ganali since he had been dubbed a target for the Praetorians. He aided him in several missions to take Ganali down, and when the final mission involving stopping a giant human war machine that Ganali stole the blueprints of, he aided in putting him in his place, albeit at the cost of a faithful life by the name of Pepper Bren. While a funeral was held for Pepper, Piero's hometown was safe and his mother was free to return. Proud of Piero for his bravery, his mother convinced him to continue fighting in the battle against the Villains Act. And he did, even requiring that he learn how to swim from Byron when Aqua Regia threatened to flood most of the planet. Despite almost drowning in the final battle, Piero was able to help stop Aqua, and when Byron and Taila Baxis became a couple, he became a steadfast member of their new taskforce, the Two Up Society, since the Villains Act was finally disbanded.

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