Ever since the events of A Rockhoof in A Hardplace, the Pillars are perfectly in their new standing in life. However, the Pillers will soon enounter brand new problems, both from their pasts, and of modern times. However, the problem is that all this is happening all in the same time, and the heroes can't be able to get to the Pillars aide all at once. Now the Lougers and the Main 6 are caught in a spiral of events the group and the students each need to be able to go out and do.


Rockhoof Trouble

The Excabation of Rockhoof's Village is suddenly under trouble by a Griffin-Owned Land Defeluptment Company owned by Mr. D. Filer, a griffin that intents on tearing down Rockhoof's village in the name of a girrfin exclusive resort in the Norse Isles and would mindlessly destroy the anichent Norse Pony ruins, shruging them off as "Useless Junk" and "Condemned Buildings" as Filer is firmed in his desires to make this resort. Rockhoof aims to defy Filer's desires for the construction of the resort, of which is a risk as Filer processes a Gorgon Gem that will turn any who gazes at it's hypnotising beauty will turn to stone.

Flash Magnus Trouble

Flash Magnus ended up having his own Griffin Trouble when while visiting Griffinmainia, he found himself SUED by a modern desendent of Blackbeak of his past, Sir Issac Backbeak, which was originally "Blackbeak", but had to legally changed the name due to the netourious historic shame, of which Flash had said he had aimed to fix, of which Issac proved he was FAR from pleased that it was too late as Issac is now a ruined sort, and now wants the ultamate conbinsation by having Flash Magnus to resign as a member of the Guard AND reside as a Pillor of Equestria, and to be sentenced back in his time via the Griffins sacred Chrono Chest, a Treasure Chest capable to go back in time, spefificly to go back to the time where the storm was happening to this time obey the original Blackbeak's directive so the Blackbeak ansistery is never shamed.

Mistmane Trouble

Nymphia is plauged by the return of a foe Mistmane would never expected to return, let alone still be alive: The Immortal but equilly very old anichent emperor of anichent Aybissia, an orchid mantis named Man Tie, and his legion of the modern desendents of his remaining loyalists, an army of army ants, A Golith Beetle named Davidson, A Rhinosaurus Beetle named Nostrelan, a stag beetle named Stagger, a fast-smoove-talking joke-cracking Tiger Beetle named Tyler Zoom, and Man Tie's apprentise and LT, a female wasp named Templer Zting, of which the forces had aided Man Tie and his extremely sharp mantis claws that allow an unrelenting conquest of Nymphia, usurping the plant guardians and taking over the land and gained automatic domain of all plants, and has threaten to use the shorce of his immortality, The Ambulet of Life Essence, An Ambulet that allows a limited form of immortallity by sucking away life essence of anything, even plants, and has threaten an ultamatum, that if Mistmane doesn't sacrivice herself to Man Tie and surrender her life for him to suck away so he can see a reconquest of Aybissia, he will get his engery from the nation that is the shorce of all plant life in Equestria, of which he would use to suck dry to get his powers, risking many eco systems of Equestria, forcing Mistmane to make that tough call.

Meadowbrook Trouble

Meadowbrook gets a rude call from noneother then the former Black Dogs now Angel Dogs, Roger and his Pack, who warns that there was a Black Dog that was NOT accounted for: Chan, A Black Dog in shape of a Chiense Mastiff, and even with the Matmagicus plan being a failure, Chan is far from a quiter, as he aims to seek out the resting place of "The Next Best Opition for the Black Dogs", The Tomb of King Epidemic, the Alicorn of Sickness, of which Chan intents to awake and ask for his aide to create more Black Dogs to create a pestilence paradise.

Somnambula Trouble

Somnabula found her village being raided by the netourious Legion of Thieves, basicly a 40 Thieves like group, but larger. But the biggest shocker is that the king of thieves, is none-other then the immortalised Prince Hisan, who fell into a horror depression with Somnabula's disappearence and faked his death, to run away and become the immortal "King of Thieves", of which were also a group that secretly co-conspired with Professor Spoonful's undesireable rival, a Shoebill Stork named Shoelander, a fraudulent dept-riddled dishonest swindler of an archologist and the shame of the profession who only uncovers artifacts for profit on Kludgetown's black markets, and is having Hisan help him steal sacred treasures from the pyrimeds of the derserts for Shoelander's own benefit, as now Somnabula now aims to mend Hisan's broken heart and save him from being Shoelander's errend boy as the thieves aim to claim The Phenox Specter, the powerful reserection spector that can revive anything in Equestria, and Shoelander sees a pretty profit from it.

Starswirl Trouble

Starswirl found himself contained by an obcessive fan girl, an E.E.A. member by the name of Duchess Buttcheeks, a mare with an uncomfertably LARGE rearend, who aims to have Starswirl fall in love with her by using The Lust Triangle Stone, an object that will garrentie absolute romance, all the while, the duchess is unknowingly a pawn of a larger conspiracy by a collection of disgruntled High Chancellors to see that Starswirl is used as a weapon to restore their lost E.E.A. Legacy AND undermine the Friendship School to "Put Twilight in her place".


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