Pitch Black the Boogeyman

Pitch Black the Boogeyman

Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, is the Rise of the Guardians re-imagining of the boogeyman, the mythic creature that haunts the closets and dark corners of childhood nightmares and the main antagonist.

Role in the movie

Pitch first appeared as a shadow after his black sand swirled around North's globe of the Earth. North, fearing that the Nightmare King has returned, assembled the Guardians. The Man in the Moon, also knowing about Pitch returned, choose Jack Frost as the new Guardian. While Jack was taken to the North Pole to discuss the return of Pitch and he being the new Guardian, Pitch is seeing in Cupcake's bedroom enjoying her dream about a unicorn. He smiled and said that it just need a touch of fear. He touched the dream and it become a Nightmare, he instructed the Nightmare horse to the tells the other that the wait is over.

He is later seeing talking to the moon and saying to not look at him like that since he should have figure that the time will have to come and that his nightmares are ready. Then he asked the Moon if his guardians are ready.

Pitch later decide to kidnapped all of Tooth's MiniFairies and take the teeth of every child of Earth. The Guardians arrive to help Tooth battle Pitch but Pitch seen to have the upper hand by teleporting and avoiding their attacks. He sees Jack and asked him if he's hanging with Guardians now which Jack replied no. Pitch teased that Jack is just a neutral party, so he will just ignored him but that Jack should be just to it by now.

Tooth felt that she was getting weaker and that the kids are not believing in her anymore. Jack asked was going on and Pitch answer by telling him that being a Guardian maybe fun, but ones kids stop believing in you, all your hard work will disappeared and little by little so do they.

The Guardians charged at Pitch but he escaped on one of his Nightmare horse.

The Guardians decided to retreat the teeth from under the children bed to keep the them believing. Pitch learned of this through one of his nightmare and decide to get ride of the Sandman ones and for all. Pitch then send two Nightmares after the Guardians which Jack and Sandy follow back. Pitch see Jack ones again and said that for a neutral party he's hanging a lot with Guardians. Jack replied that he made it his battle after he stole the teeth from Tooth's Palace. Sandy appeared behind Pitch and the two started to battle which Sandy have the upper hand. Pitch begs for forgiveness and that Sandy could have his dream back. Thousands of Nightmares appeared around Jack and Sandy and they tried to battle them. Sandy grab Jack and flew to the sky. In the sky, Pitch took the opportunity of Sandy being distracted and stab him with an Arrow made of black sand.

Sandy hurt by Pitch's arrow turn into nightmare and Pitch took delight in that. Jack, furious, charged at Pitch and Pitch send a handful of Nightmare his way but for he surprised Jack destroy them all with amazing force. Pitch then decide that Jack most go next.

When Jack was taking Sophie back home, Pitch used Jack's Teeth Box to lured him to his lair. In there, Pitch used Jack's fear of not been believed in, to distracted him while his Nightmare destroy Easter and he kidnapped Baby Tooth. After his plans are completed, he gives Jack his Tooth Box knowing the Guardians will not trust him again.

Later, Pitch appeared again to recruit Jack and took delight when his black sand and Jack's ice created a sculpture. Pitch tried to be a friend to Jack and get Jack to joined him in creating a world that is all Pitch Black and Jack Frost. Jack turn it down by saying he doesn't want to live in a world they fear him and to leave him alone. Pitch showed Jack that he has Baby Tooth and he will trade her for his staff. Jack said yes and when he gave Pitch his staff and Jack asked for Baby Tooth, Pitch replied no since he told him that he wanted to be alone.

Baby Tooth attack Pitch which ended with him trowing her away and breaking Jack's staff. Pitch disappeared after leaving Jack with a broken staff and no way of returning back and get in the way .

Pitch appeared one more time in North's Workshop, were he tells the Yetis that they can stop making toys since Christmas is forever gone but when he relies there's was one light still glowing, he decide to go find the kid, Jamie, and stop him from believing in the Guardians so his plan could be accomplished.

He arrive to Burgess and was surprised to see Jack again. Jack tried to beat him but soon relies that Pitch was stronger. After Pitch beats Jack in their sky battle and fell to Earth, Pitch took delight at seeing the Guardians in their weak for and soon he surrounded them in an ally. Pitch asked Jamie if he believed in the boogeyman but before he could finish Jack threw a snowball at Pitch's face giving the Guardians enough time to escape with Jamie and recruit his friends.

The Guardians said they will protect the kids which Pitch replied but who's going to protect them? Jamie said he will protect the Guardians and his friends soon joined him. Pitch send his Nightmare horses at the kids but they were turned into dream sand making the Guardians get the energy back to battle Pitch. Pitch tried to battle the Guardians but soon was corner. He disappeared and appeared behind Jack, trying to kill him ones and for all but to his surprised and the Guardians' also, Sandy was revive by Jamie and his friends.

Pitch was knock out thanks to Sandy and when he woke up, he saw them having fun. Trying to stop them from having fun he went after Jamie but to his surprised and fear, Jamie is not scared of him and was able to go through him. Pitch, scared, retreat back to one of the entrances well he is confronted by the Guardians one last time. Pitch takes noticed that the Nightmare are here meaning someone has fear but to his surprised they were their for him since the Guardians weren't scared. The Nightmare attack Pitch and took him back to his lair.


Pitch is everything a child fears, and he thrives on the fear of children, taking a cruel delight in turning their pleasant dreams into nightmares. But what Pitch hates is when children overcome their fears and don't believe in him, particularly when parents tell their kids that the boogeyman is just a bad dream.

As such, he is hatefully jealous of the Guardians, who are believed in and beloved by children. Eventually, his hate and jealously would convinve him to undertake a conspiring vendetta against the Guardians and destroy the children's beliefs in them, and he could usher in another Dark Age.

Pitch however does have a sad side, as he has suffered loneliness and being shunned just for being what he is, something he thought made Jack Frost similar to himself.

Powers and Abilities

Pitch has various shadow powers, such as traversing great distances through shadows, become a shadow, and affect the physical world by interacting with other shadows.

He can create Fearlings, which are Nightmares shaped as dark horeses/mares with golden eyes.

He has his own version of the Sandman's Dream Sand, but Pitch's sand is black and induces bad dreams. He can corrupt Sandy's dream sand as well as any pleasant dream a child is having, turning those dreams themselves into nightmares. Pitch also has the ability to morph his black sand into weapons such as a scythe or a bow and arrow.


  • "Oh, go suck an egg, rabbit."
  • "What an adorable dream. What's more powerful? It's fear."
  • "You can't kill fear, Jack."
  • "Oh, I thought I heard the clippity-clop of a unicorn!"
  • "Maybe I want what you have, to be believed in. Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!"
  • "I'd say "pleasant dreams"... but there aren't any left!"
  • "I do know what it's like to be cast out, to not be believed in! To long for... a family... All those years in the shadows, I thought no one else knows what this feels like... but now I see I was wrong."
  • "We don't have to be alone, Jack."

Role in the series

Pitch Black is not only feared in his world. He is feared by the rest of the UUniverses, mainly Twilight Sparkle herself. Pitch has haunted Twilight during her teen mare years in her exile in the Rise of the Guardians world during the events of Twilight, Spike, Taiku and Alice Save The Guardians where he almost ruined Christmas with some help from Cold Heart the Sadistic, and has even almost tricked Twilight into giving up her role as Celestia's faithful student by tempting her to so somthing very dark, which is why he is one of her most feared enemies. According to Celestia, Pitch is Equestria's Worse Enemy #1 for causing the Great Equestrian Fear War. He tried to cast Equestria into an era of fear and nightmares, with help from allies in the form of Equestria's previous boogeymen, Taraxippus, more specifically the Pony of Shadows, who tell them the perfect way to manipulate Celestia and Luna through fear. Thus, he manipulates them through their biggest fear: the corruption of family and idols, which didn't help when Starswirl the Bearded unintentionally sabotaged his name by casting off Stygian for trying to steal his power because of his feeling of abandonment manifesting into jealousy, and leaving him to be the new Pony of Shadows since his long-lost sister Halo Epiphany defeated the previous one Doldrumsta Blue, and thus, was responsible for many treacherous acts including the fall of the Crystal Empire with his ally King Sombra, but he was apposed by the Guardians of Childhood: North, St. Eros Heart, Bunnymund, Tooth and Sandy along with Celestia and Luna as young teenage mares and driven Pitch out of the mideval times. He was also responsible for the creation of the Nightmare Forces (MLP comics) that had corrupted Luna into Nightmare Moon, as well as another backup plan at mind-controlling Luna into creating the nightmare-inducing beast called Tantabus, and therefore is another reason why he was the worse. Eventually, he'll get intwinced with the villain leage, and for a brief time, The Hearts of Darkness union, to replaced Scar's Nobody when he became a disloyal twat, before getting dumped by Xehanort for getting too fond of the leage's disires of conquest, thus failing to earn Xehanort's trust for knowing the true intentions of the cycle.

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