The Pixel Wasteland is a habitable but unstable entity in the center of the Video Game Universe where scrapped concepts, rogue and malicious programs, glitches, and anything left out of video games are dumped, basicly being the sort've video game equilent to Cartoon Wasteland, but abit more extremely more dangerious and at times barely hapitable to anything not the likes of scrapped concepts and others. Much of the inhabitants here are either depressing downers and hopeless souls at best, angry, hostile, dangerous, murderous, and deadly abversaries at worse here. Everything works much more like a video game, and it's incredibly unpredictable in how it works.


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  • The Scrapped Yard- A pixelated ghost town of feudal randomness. It is the only inhabitable area of the Wasteland and home of the depressed and eternally upset scrapped ideas and outmoded designs from earlier equivalents of certain characters.
  • Glitchland- A dark pixelated alien jungle and a forbidden area infested with glitches and digital bugs, as well as glitch goblins, creatures that do anything they want to people for entertaining pleasure.
  • Game Killer Bay- A pirate-like pixel bay ruled by programs of rogue and malicious nature known to corrupt games, as the water is atomically charged and can disintegrate non-VG characters that fall in. However, the programs fear upgrades and patches.
  • Valley of Obscurity- The homelands of the most obscure video games out there beyond those few game reviewers that talked about them. Residents here are espeically depressed and miserable.
  • Fantopia- The realm of fan-made games of official works that are often sent here by the video game corporations protecting their intellectual property. Copycats, ripoffs, and mimicers are commen here. The inhabitants here are more often than naught aggressive because of this.
  • Can'cel Graveyard- A morbidly disturbing and graphic graveyard of games that never got to be, littered with pictures and promotions of what could've been. It is infested with characters that act feral due to no programmed personality, and the land is incredibly unstable.
  • Vaporware Falls- A giant pixelated waterfall where games trapped in hiatus are trapped in an never-ending waterfall of development hell. (Insert Half-Life 3 Joke here).
  • Ink Inc Studios- The prime base of operations of the outmoded versons of the characters of Bendy and the Ink Machine Indie Horror Game that came to be yet another syntom of suffering for the residents of the Pixel Wasteland, and further incrised the depressed or angered spirits of the doomed souls here.
  • Wasteland Guardian's Keep- Home and resting place of the Wasteland Guardian of the Pixel Wasteland.
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