Pixellanium Crabbot

Pixellanium Crabbot

Pixellanium Crabbots are crab-like machines that appear in the game Omicron II. They are a part of the Crabbot Series created by and serving Craborg, the replacement for his technical creator Viral Vi-tor. These models are packed with tanks filled with pixellanium, the same toxic substance that gave Vi-tor his powers and resurrected him, and is capable of tainting pixels. These Crabobots use this substance as a weapon, carrying multi-setting blasters that use the stored pixellanium as ammo. But they sometimes have to replenish their ammo by filling it up from pixellanium pools. The first best way to deal with it is to shoot the tanks, then shoot it where it's vulnerable since most of it's power comes from the pixellanium itself.


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