Pixi Tarold Gegello
Vital statistics
Title Pixollo, The Mighty Child Android, Child Machine, AUU Pinocchio (To non-AUUniversals)
Gender Male
Race/Species AUU Original Human (Formerly), Human Android (Formerly), Semi-Android (Currently)
Faction The Fantasy Council
Description Robotic, Requires No Natural Sustenance Such As Air, Water, or Food, Only Powered by Heart Power Source, Intelligent Former Delinquent and Jerk, Can Be Pushed to his Limits, Brave, Remains in Child Appearance But Grows Slightly
Skills and Abilities Can Survive In Outer Space, Underwater, Poisonous Atmospheres, and Commonly-Intolerable Conditions, Superhuman Strength, Remains Unsterile,
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Aionx City, Chronicus (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Chronizoc System) (Birthplace)
  • BLU-City, Chronicus (Hometown)
  • Castle of Chronicles, Chronicus (Current Residence)
Alignment Pure Good

Pixi T. Gegello, AKA Pixollo, is an Alternate UUniversal Original Human from Planet Chronicus. He is known to be a teenage hero who has been through a troubled childhood. But it took becoming a brave android to change him from a delinquent to an unbelievable hero. When his selfishness ended up getting him killed, his father's AI unit, BLU, granted his wish of having Pixi back, though because of his selfishness, he was only made an android, and was told that he needed to redeem himself in order to be a real boy again. So, with the help of a mouse-sized robot conscious named Finn-TX and his childhood friend and later girlfriend Marxene, he helped put an evil android Malcolm McXalvage in his place. So, he was rewarded by becoming a semi-android, or a human child with his old android abilities. And he seemed to love it, vowing to use these abilities for good. As such, he became a member of the Fantasy Council. In a twisted way, he is the AUU version of Pinocchio.

History and Story

Story History

Adventures of Pixollo was published by a former roboticist named Ronoka Zaslocich, who left his job to become an author of several robot-based fictional stories. At first, this story was originally dark and brooding as Pixollo was a sadistic bully who died being one and learned through graphic tragedies such as the death of Marxene as well as some safe morals, but was later revamped to becoming more child-friendly. It wasn't even meant to be a fairy tale because it has little to no myth-based qualities. But as the years passed, and with the new Qalton Mimzy film being produced in 1146 AD, as well as it's harmonious and magical charm and tone, it's heart-warming story and conflict, and it's moral about letting go of the past, it quickly became a fable and, by technicality, a fairy tale.


Pixi was born as the son of a single father named Dr. Gegello, and his mother dies at childbirth. As a toddler, Pixi was a very sweet and hilarious child who loved what his father did, dreaming of carrying on his legacy. However, his attitude changed when he went to a school that had a regulation forbidding friendship for students in different grades. When he was held back a year and was forced to renounce the first friend he ever had, he grew bitter and in his anger, damaged a lot of school property and was expelled for it. Ever since, the two moved to a new town with school where that regulation was banned and had a more acceptable society for Pixi. Since then, Pixi, despite gaining a high-level intelligence like his father, has grown to be a selfish delinquent who causes mischief with his intelligence through pranks.

When he became 10 years old, Pixi could hardly make any friends since most of them were from his old hometown and hated him for that incident. The only friend he could ever make was Marxene, an 11-year-old girl and daughter of Dr. Gegello's ex-fiancé who didn't know about Pixi's incident and Pixi tried to keep a secret out of fear that she'll shun him like all the rest. Despite his bad behavior, Marxene still considered him a good friend, though can sometimes be a bit disappointed in him at times. But then came the day when he pulled an embarrassing prank on a bully who messed with Marxene, even laughing at his expense. This angered the bully into chasing him across the school until he hid in a high-voltage electricity box, though getting himself electrocuted to death while doing this.

With his death, Dr. Gegello fell into grief and depression. He kept Pixi's body in a chamber awaiting burial, wishing one night that he would be brought back. Then, late that night, his AI unit, BLU, granted his wish by resurrecting Pixi as a biomechanical android, all with the same memories and personality. While happy that he was alive, he was told by BLU that she was very disappointed in him because his death was technically his own fault. So she promises that she'll make him a real boy again if he redeems himself within a week. Not wanting to be an immortal child machine, Pixi accepts and Gegello's assistant mouse-sized droid Finn-TX is appointed his conscious, as he agrees to do because he developed a crush on BLU since she was downloaded. And so, Dr. Gegello was amazed the next morning to see Pixi alive again.

With Pixi's quest for redemption beginning, word quickly reaches a certain android CEO of a top-secret robot company about Pixi becoming an android thanks to BLU. And so, he sends his two assistant female cyborgs Zarette-17 and Gean-13 to help use this to his advantage. The two lead Pixi away from school and to be an employee for their master, who introduces himself as Malcolm McXalvage. Malcolm offers to make Pixi his right-hand assistant, dubbing him Pixollo, promising that he'll reward him with becoming a real boy again. Despite warnings from Finn, Pixi accepts and proves that he is adequate with robotics and math, discovering that his android body can allow him to do this quicker, but too quick for him to comprehend, hoping that he'll be back to being a real boy through this deal in no time at all. However, Finn reports his actions to BLU, who forces the truth out of him through a glowing and buzzing nose, warning him that not only has she called Dr. Gegello, but he will be given one last chance to redeem himself or he will not become human again. So once he left, he is grounded for his actions by his father.

The next day in school, Pixi is righteously frustrated and angry, thinking that BLU is 'bribing' him with this deal and, on the terms of being grounded, he is given a curfew for the rest of the day except for school and others. He tells Marxene everything one day when the two are at recess, and Marxene, after Pixi tells her the truth about his past since she asked as a friend, is able to help him out of his situation by telling him that, not only would she never leave him despite what he did, but she would always be there to help him like she has since he left his last school. Pixi feels a lot better after this, and after playing the two seem to form a romantic bond. 2 days later, Zarette and Gean sneak into the house to talk to Pixi about Malcolm's offer, and since he was doing well for his first day, he was going to take a fun trip to Malcolm's robotic theme park, Cyberspace Island. Despite skepticism, Pixi is tempted when they say that he will be given the treatment when there. When he leaves, Finn finds out and follows him despite getting held up by the environment.

On the way to Cyberspace Island, Pixi makes friends with a young boy named Charrack, who keeps him company once they reach the island. There, Pixi becomes too distracted by the attractions to notice that there was a secret being held on Cyberspace Island. Finn is able to make it there, and discovers that Malcolm is in fact evil, and on this island, he assimilates misbehaving children into androids that are entirely under his control like he did with Zarette and Gean, making them slaves for his conquest to take over Chronicus in a technocratic empire, and reveals that he is winning Pixi onto his side because he too was made into an android by another BLU unit, but when his selfishness blew his chance of becoming a regular person again, he grew into becoming a supervillain who takes his android pain out on others, and wanted to manipulate Pixi into the same situation so he can be his partner. Finn tries to warn Pixi, but Malcolm has already implanted the mind-control chip into him that is about to start up. However, not only has Finn been spotted by Zarette and Gean and captured, but Pixi also discovers the truth when he sees Charrack being assimilated and turned into an android. While looking for a way out, he finds Finn captured and rescues him. When he is told of the mind-control chip, the two feel that the only way to avoid being controlled is to get out of range. Luckily, they take off into the sea and swim far enough in time.

Upon reaching the mainland and returning home, he discovers that Dr. Gegello, as well as his pet Troggle Mex, are missing. He then goes to Marxene's house hoping to get help, but she has gone missing too. Finn then realizes that their house has 24-7 surveillance, and so they return back home to discover that Zarette and Gean have kidnapped Dr. Gegello and Mex as they overhear them talking about 'going after the android's girl and feeding them to Strutha', which Finn recognizes as an infamous predatory female Whulk that took out cruise ships and cargo barges and was tamed by Malcolm. Determined to rescue them, Pixi and Finn go underwater searching for the Whulk. They swam several miles, fighting off every additional sea predator they came across, then end up getting eaten by the Whulk, finding Marxene, Mex, and Dr. Gegello inside it's stomach.

Despite an argument, Pixi apologizes for his actions and fully admits that he let his past judge his future and define who he is, and Marxene is amazed by how far he traveled just to rescue them and kisses him, much to Mex's amusement and Pixi's embarrassment. So after Gegello removes the mind-control chip from him, Pixi puts his intelligence and prank-building skills to the test as he uses a complex device to agitate Strutha's nose in order to make her sneeze. The plan works, and the two are launched out of her mouth as she gets angry and chases them. Malcolm, picking this up, amplifies the Whulk's adrenaline with the devices he installed into her to make her more dangerous. And so, during the struggle, Pixi and the group try to escape the predator, but Marxene and Gegello end up drowning in the process. Struggling to carry them to a source of land, Pixi discovers a rock formation with a small opening that safely leads to land. So he manages to get there at nearly the same time Strutha smashes into them. This impact ends up damaging Pixi's positronic brain covering, causing the water to short-circuit the inner machinery to fatal levels. Finn is able to perform CPR on Marxene and Dr. Gegello as they discover that Pixi has died, much to the supposed success of Malcolm.

Dr. Gegello and Marxene are grieved by the death of Pixi after the revelation that the damages were much too severe to be fixed, believing that Pixi was gone for good. However, BLU, convinced that Pixi had finally redeemed himself, transfers Pixi's consciousness into a synthesized clone body, making him human again. Gegello and Marxene are filled with joy as they discover that BLU had not just been restored to a real boy again, but he has been made a 'semi-android', or a human with the abilities of an android. He no longer requires natural sustenance such as air or food, he runs on a life-lasting fuel source, and his organs have been enhanced to fit useful needs. He also has the strength to set things right. So Pixi, naming himself Pixollo after the nickname he was given, decides to finally get payback. So he goes back to Malcolm's office, and calls him out. He fights off the evil android who brags that 'he should understand by now why he did this', and Pixollo says that he does but, when push comes to shove, he would've regretted wanting to be like him if he had succeeded, and that if things had gone differently, he could've been like him, taking his pain out on everyone, and the one thing that kept him from going down that path was Marxene, and had she not been there, he would've succeeded. When Pixollo wins the fight, Malcolm, Zarette and Gean are sent to prison.

Pixollo celebrates his victory, and vows to forever use these new abilities for the benefit of his family, friends, and for his own home. Later, Finn is awarded as the status of 'conscious-bot' and a kiss from BLU. Years later, when Pixollo and Marxene grow into age 16 and 17, they are still a couple and while Pixollo became a member of the Fantasy Council, Marxene wanted to be a semi-android like him so she can fight alongside him, despite her parents' disagreements. Pixollo still fights with the Council to this very day.


Pixollo is a semi-android, a being which was thought to be impossible to create for eons due to the expensive, difficult, and intense surgeries and procedures required to do so, Pixollo being the first of his kind. With this composition, Pixollo has all the abilities he had when trapped in an android body and more. His android abilities include super-strength, maintained by a cybernetic skeleton and his muscles being enhanced with artificial myofibril glands to allow the human body to resist the strain, super-durability, maintained by his skin being carefully synthesized into a tough, light-weight, and flexible composition similar to the durable super-plastic his father used for his other androids, super-endurance and stamina, derived from his circulatory system being altered to be powered entirely by his fuel source, and his agility, reflexes, and speed being derived from his genetically and cybernetically-enhanced brain. He even has a healing factor that can repair any part of his body or merge dislocated body parts back in place thanks to his internal systems being comprised of biomechanical nanobots, which will heal anything including gunshot-wounds and dislocated limbs, but it takes time.

Pixollo also has new abilities he didn't possess as an android, yet mostly possessed as a human. His natural 5 senses have been greatly enhanced:

  • Artificial Super-Eyes: His eyesight is much better than a human's due to possessing carefully-engineered organic super-eyes that can allow for a wider range of vision as the cornea has been replaced with a more-protective contact-lens-like membrane that not just serves for better sight, but can also give great protection from sensitive environments such as the Sun or underwater. There are also nanobots inside the vitreous body of the eye that can enhance the vision like a computer as he can identify anything he sees.
  • Adjustable Hearing: Pixollo's hearing is enhanced and able to be manipulated mentally. By using an special nanobot-comprised eardrum that is hooked through the ear canal and a nanobot travel route through the nerves, he can manipulate his own hearing, and thus he can automatically translate an infinite amount of languages, he can inhibit it and cut off his own hearing as he wishes, and he can adjust his hearing frequency at any degree.
  • Enhanced Smell: Pixollo's smell is still intact, but the number of odor-sensitive cells has been increased through genetic-manipulation, giving him as good a smell as a common dog. He can use this new ability to store and memorize smell at any time.
  • Regressed Taste: Pixollo's taste is regressed due to no longer requiring food or water. However, he can still eat like a normal person, but he lacks a digestive system, and the food is broken down in a different way. He still retains his normal taste buds, but he also has genetically-engineered taste buds that do alternate purposes. The enzymatic papillae create special enzymes that quickly mix saliva with digestive acid which aids in breaking down the food at a molecular level, and the nano papillae create nanobots that rapidly transport these unneeded molecules to the merged intestines and urinary system where it is disposed of as waste. This was meant to preserve this necessary sense.
  • Redesigned Touch: The touch sensors have been altered as well. Pixollo can mentally control his touch sensors through a network of neural inhibitors that can shut down any sensory receptors and nullify any of them he wants. With this ability, he can control his nocireceptors and be completely painless, he can control his thermoreceptors and negate being either too cold or too hot, he can control his mechanoreceptors and not get agitated through his hair, and he can control his chemoreceptors and shut off any bodily function he desires.

His bodily systems are also altered out to fit his new abilities. His semi-android abilities are all derived from these changes, though some systems remain unchanged.

  • Nervous System: The nervous system is now genetically-altered to work differently. His brain is still mostly intact, but is wired thoroughly with wire-like nerves that can transmit either electrons or special biomechanical nanobots that take the form of cyborg antibodies that do odd jobs all across the body, all being stationed in a cybernetic chamber within the brainstem.
  • Digestive System: The digestive system has been regressed as food is no longer required for sustenance. Though taste still remains, the esophagus and trachea have been genetically-merged to offer a structure in which nanobots go through to transmit the food which was broken down into unneeded molecules that are disposed of through the kidneys and through two additional tubed that enter the shortened colon and eliminated.
  • Respiratory System: The respiratory system is altered out since air is no longer required. The trachea is now fused with the esophagus and used in the new digestive system, but the lungs are now used for ventilation to keep Pixollo from overheating. The excess heat is disposed of through genetically-engineered gas pockets above the lungs that gather excess heat in the form of an thermal-insulating carbon-oxygen molecule that turns into carbon dioxide and expels it through the mouth. However, a byproduct of this process is methane, which needs to be disposed of quicker due to flammability, and such two lower gas pockets expel it by immediately transferring it to the colon where it will be eliminated as exhaust. This alternate adaptation can allow Pixollo to travel in any environment such as outer atmospheres, underwater, toxic environments, and even the vacuum of space.
  • Circulatory System: The heart has been genetically-altered as well. The heat that is expelled through the respiratory system is caused mostly by the circulatory system, as the genetically-manipulated blood is composed of red/white-blood-cell nanobots that generate heat and aid in maintaining the body. The heart is actually the core of Pixollo's lifetime fuel source and can be removed, but not that easily. The nanobots maintain and take care of this fuel source and transfer it's power as the blood like fuel. The heat generated by this process is taken care of through the respiratory system.
  • Urinary System: The kidneys are genetically-altered to get rid of any byproducts or unneeded material, such as molecules from food, methane from the respiratory system, and others through two pairs of ureters, one transporting waste to the bladder as urine, and another transporting solid waste to the merged colon as feces.
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