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The Shell Lodgers, after battling some space pirates who were after their cargo, are forced to land on the nearest world for repairs. This particular world is called Dragma. They discover it's air is denser, it's gravity is 30% weaker than other common worlds, it's wildlife is extremely alien-like and are often gargantuan, and it's food is surprisingly plentiful and incredibly sweet. However, our heroes seem to discover a spaceship graveyard, and ultimately get caught by a race of insectoids claiming that anything that lands on their planet is officially their property. They get trapped in a sanctuary filled with what appears to be the people who came from those crashed ships. One of them, named Vrank, explains that those creatures they encountered were called Dragmites, the ruling race of the planet which capture nearby spaceships, steal their technology, and never allow the people on them to leave. This has been going on for over 20 years, and not once has anyone escaped alive or unpunished. The Lodgers decide to investigate this place, and discover that it's leader has been building up Dragmite intelligence since they were nearly destroyed by the infamously violent Grox, and have used their oracle to help them evolve and gain the strength to destroy them, and they will even go as far as to make anyone suffer to get it. While not ignoring the tragity the race went through and believing they need to have newfound faith in Uuniverseals and lose all things related to vengence and the unjustly emperor, the Lodgers decide the course of action to do for now is to help get the prisoners off of the planet and prevent the Dragmites from making it worse on themselves. But how can they do that with a race that basically knows every known strategy known to the UUniverses thanks to an overly powered oricle, has all kinds of technology, and will not hesitate to show no mercy, all the while, deal with a very vengeful douchbag prisoner of the planet, Kava Ralthe, a prisoner not particularly forgiving for the Dragmite's misfortunes, and keep him from doing something that'll only encourage their negitive attatude torwords Uuniverseals, and most of all, keep from trying to contact the Grox to get them to finish what they started?



(Climax Music)

Spongebob CFTKK music (PS2) - Bonus game - Meteor Mania

Spongebob CFTKK music (PS2) - Bonus game - Meteor Mania

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Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever Rage Of Mars

Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever Rage Of Mars


  • Alex: "(Wispers) Ok, now that Gazelle and Soothsayer managed to convince the oricale to go silent, I say it's time we make those two overtly sofisicated bozos more occupied with something else!"
  • Icky: "Don't worry. Since the two are bros, I know exactly how to get twins to be at eachother's throats. Leave the Muttonchops to me."
  • Icky walked up to the two Dragmite guards.
  • Dragmite Guard 1 (Wearing an Ornicale): "Oh look, brother. Tis the ugly bird of the crash-landers."
  • Dragmite Guard 2 (Wearing an Eyepatch): "Perchance he came to apologies for his yonder friends continious attempts to escape?"
  • Icky: "Actselly, I'm curious about you two."
  • Dragmite Guards: "Ye be so?"
  • Icky: "Exactly, Muttonchops. Now, as gaurd dragmites, ya both are clearly strong guys, but..... Who by chance, is stronger?"

(It went like the argument in this dub video).

A Royal Canterlot Mystery Comic Dub Collab

A Royal Canterlot Mystery Comic Dub Collab

  • Ornicale Dragmite: "Oh yonder silly bird, tis obviously me."
  • Eyepatch Dragmite: "WHAT?!"
  • Ornicale Dragmite: "Oh do not be disappointed brother, for I even managed to handle the ugly centaurian beast all by my solatary! While YOU were barely able to handle the chief in a crowd! Thou were crying like a larva! AND YET, I'M THE BABY BROTHER!? I do believe our mother got our brotherly statures wrong, FOR THOU ART NOT AN OLDER BROTHER!?"
DAAAMN!!! ᴴᴰ

DAAAMN!!! ᴴᴰ

  • Eyepatch Dragmite: "A most damnable lie! Mine honor hast been besmirched by thy falsehood! (Slaps The Ornicale Dragmite in the face!)"
  • Ornicale Dragmite: "I SAY?! (Recovers from the slap for abit.).... A-HA! A Duel is it? Have at thee, loadsome toad!?"
  • Eyepatch Dragmite: "Thou art a spleeny cod-piece!"
  • Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane laughed quietly at this as the two brother Dragmites began to slap-fight eachother!
  • Monkey: "(Quietly) Those guys aren't too bright, aren't they?"
  • Icky: "A-thank you, a-thank you. I do birthdays, weddings and bar mitsfahs, and I'm on the comedy club 8 times a week whenever I'm not busy with a life and death struggle. I'll be here all week."
  • Shifu: "(Quietly) Now's our chance. Let's go."
  • Our heroes leave while the Eyepatch and the Ornicale Dragmites began repeatingly saying "I say" for every slap and started to argue who said I say first.

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Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom music - Chum Bucket Lab (Final Boss)

Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom music - Chum Bucket Lab (Final Boss)

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Intro (SpongeBob Battle of Bikini Bottom- Chum Bucket Lab Boss) Coming soon...

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