Sheldon s Cousins

Plankton's kin.

Plankton's Cousins
first appear in the episode: Plankton's Army. They appear and act in the manner of a modern hillbilly. The majority of them can read except for one, Clem. Unlike Plankton, they're not evil. They wanted rewards if they helped Plankton like: Some memory for their laptops, an extra string from a banjo, matching boots, but then all of them wanted Root Beer.

Because they all were hillbillies, it would be obvious that little things could please them. One common like between all of them is their enjoyment of root beer. They are also fond of Plankton's computer wife, Karen. They also laugh quite a bit, when Karen was joking about Plankton's first name (Sheldon). they are in service to the villain leage (likely cause Plankton promise them the exact same rewards) which makes them the largest group of minions. while tend to turn coward when shown a plankton cookbook, a large group of them tends to be as powerful as two very strong guys, making them almost useful. with Plankton imprisoned in atlantis, they currently refuse to continue their sevices till he's out, which is way the villain leage is trying to free plankton. their charging force is the equilivent of army ants, just hillbilly addision. they returned to servive with Plankton free, eveidented by their brief camio with him in Spongebob and Friends meet Hercules.

180px-Plankton family

Plankton with his really large family.


  • Clem
  • Billy Bob
  • Joe
  • Rufus
  • Billy Jim
  • Billy Billy Bo Billy Banana Fana Fo Filly
  • Doug
  • Enis
  • Fletcher McGee
  • Rainchild
  • Jeke
  • Toad
  • Flem
  • Ringi
  • Enos
  • Julio
  • Timmy
  • etc.
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