The Platy Heroes are a group of Alternate UUniversal freedom fighters from Planet Ooblix. They defended their home planet since the Villains Act brought in a new tyrant named Egghead, whose attempts to take over Ooblix threatened their homes and after being rescued by a misunderstood and very tough-for-his-age child named Crispin Thorne, they took it upon themselves to save the day since nobody else would. Lead by the daring and fast Shield, the Platy Heroes have been defending Ooblix even after the Villains Act, as during that time Egghead was dead serious in his methods like Sonic SatAM or Sonic Underground Robotnik, but when it fell, he became nearly similar to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik. They are basically the AUU version of Sonic Heroes.


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  • Shield the Eghog- A hedgehog-like echidna and leader of the Platy Heroes whose speed makes him a tough target to his opponents.
  • Pippy the Volpus- A two-tailed fox-like platypus that is an inventive genius capable of using his two flat tails like wings.
  • Fists the Igna- An echidna-like creature with magic gauntlets and the lone guardian of the fabled Cosmic Oval, a crystalline egg that grants unlimited power.
  • Mighter the Lairhog- A durable porcine that enjoys traveling and is actually very pacifistic. But he still has the skill to get out of tight scrapes.
  • Streak the Pollt- A gliding pollinating rodent that is a comedic coward that glides away at nearly the first sight of trouble.
  • Shad the Eghog- A genetically-engineered hedgehog-like echidna created by Egghead's legendary scientist grandfather that briefly went rogue before becoming good.
  • Avel the Eghog- A hedgehog-like echidna and the potential love interest for Shield that lost her royal parents to Egghead and became a holo-mallet wielding hero and teammate for Shield.
  • Creme the Nab- A child rabbit-like wallaby who can 'jump good' as she puts it where she can leap massive heights.
  • Platinum the Wooltreme- A tailless platypus that has the ability of psychokinesis, but is often the butt of all jokes to the heroes.
  • Blazek the Scimpy- A koala-like animal who was the previous guardian of the Cosmic Oval before Fists.
  • Esp the Chromsone- A chameleon-like lizard who's serious business and no comical setbacks.
  • Zip the Zee- A hyperactive, loud, immature and often annoying bee-like insect whose tracking skills are nonetheless an invaluable assist to his friends.
  • Vect the Circuator- A crocodilian with a large and imposing guy with a kind heart beneath a scaly exterior, always ready to take jobs that pay good money, but is also always willing to help those in need for free.
  • Blast the Battus- A bat-like mercenary agent for the Ovalman Empire's B.L.A.S.T police who despite being a mystery that's usually just out for herself, has signs of heart.
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