Pogo Frog

Pogo Frog

Pogo Frogs are the weakest enemies of the Omicron games. They're basically just frogs on pogo sticks, and they mostly just hop around and fire their flaming tongues at you. But while they may be weak, they are fairly common throughout the game and their pogos are actually useful items. In Omicron, they appear to be an enemy corrupted by Viral Vi-Tor. But by the next game, Omicron II, they come in different kinds of Stormtrooper-like red armor and are much stronger.


  • Game: Omicron, Omicron II
  • Enemy Threat: 1/10
  • Appearance: Common in both games
  • Abilities: Hops around, fires a flaming tongue. Take it down either by jumping on it, or by reflecting it's tongue back at it. Certain powerups like firearms are too slow for these constantly-moving obstacles.
  • Purpose: Basically, they were one of the most common citizens of the world of Pixellania. (Omicron) Now Vi-tor has tainted them into servitude, only to realize quickly that they didn't do a lot of work other than just hopping around with their flaming tongues. This motivated Vi-tor to corrupt more of the inhabitants of Pixellania. (Omicron II) Later on, they were corrupted by Craborg and turned into his personal Pogo Troop, wearing armor that makes them much stronger, and even upgraded their pogo sticks to carry blasters.


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