Poi-Son Village

Poi-Son Village

Poi-Son is a world in the Miramax Universe which consists of swampy lands, and was the banishment site for Hank the Mutant Frog for his crimes to attempting to mutate many lives in order to improve evolution. With a world having nothing but semi-Amish villages and loads of animals to experiment on, and only a handful of abandoned research bases from outside worlds to supply him with technology and a few extra ones from a momentary alliance with another genetic mad scientist, Hank turned this world from a peaceful swampy world to a cesspool of mutation. All waters, swimming or otherwise, were infested with mutant worms, most of the population was turned into zombies, and some of the villages were abandoned. This lasted until Hank was finally sent to Prison 42 and the worms were killed and given to the Galactic Federation for Galaxy Defense Industries matters, and everyone was cured. But while Hank was no longer in control of the base here, he would find another one in another world in the Miramax Universe where he would create Hank Jr.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be renamed Toxicia, purely for originality purposes, and it won't be as "toxic" and have more cities spread out, and as a result, be more populous, and hopefully be more open to technology than the original SAF version. The jury is out on the Snake Tribes part.


Poi-Son Globe Map

Poi-Son Globe Map

When the Snake Tribes created Poi-Son, it was originally just like Earth, being ruled by prehistoric creatures, experiencing natural events and mass extinctions. However, most of the mass extinctions were caused by volcanic eruptions. The massive amounts of pyroclastic flows and poisons killed off millions of wildlife. Then during the end of the Cretaceous Period, the planet experienced a large massive event called the Global Poisoning, resulting from mass volcanic eruptions which pumped loads of poisons across the globe, causing global warming, acid rain, poisonous air, and lava burning across the landscape. Though when the chaos settled, the climate change left the planet to absorb the poisons both in the soil and sky, leaving the world as it is today, with poison-based clouds and chemical-rich soil. Life was able to flourish well despite this change. The melting ice that resulted from the event then turned the planet from a prehistoric landscape into a swamp world. When the Snake Tribes under the control of Poisonious Siliva came, the tribeal beings worshipped them, but their tribal elders felt uneasy. They only became more uneasy when the snake tribes accepted sacrivices. But they finally desided enough was enough when the High Council came and told them the snake beings weren't worth it. So the tribes revolted against the Snake Tribes and chased them off the planet.

Poi-Son was changed forever following this event. The volcanic event had spewed so much of it's lava and materials, it left the volcanoes weakened and void of lava for millions of years, turning some into extinct volcanoes. Thus, no more eruptions have occurred for millions of years. Though the last one recorded was Mt. Karina, which wasn't that devastating to some. Animals that lived here developed an Amish society where they felt that, since rumors have told of advancements meaning death to the environment in certain ways, that they stay clear of it. Though they have discovered advancements such as tools and a few others, they preferred a non-technological age. Other-worldly settlers even decided to live here, and a few unknown tribes even made some history here.

Though it quickly changed when research stations were being built in open areas of the planet. The people of the villages protested about this unauthorized habitation, so the scientists agreed to build their stations somewhere far away from the villages, and try to keep as much of the environment clean as possible. Though their failure to do so due to lack of renewable power left the villages to hate technology even more, especially when they saw that unethical experiments were being devised in the stations such as genetic experiments. Though these stations would be running for over 30 years, the villages finally snapped and protested even more when some of their citizens were being poisoned by the polluted waters and air. When word reached the High Council about this problem, they ordered that all stations be shut down immediately and forever. Thus the stations were abandoned.

As a result of this resolved problem, some people of the villages were starting to get aroused by the looks and capabilities of the stations' technology. Yet even though the stations were made strict areas, more people began looting the stations for the technology, and started applying them in their daily lives. After over 5 short years, about 13% of Poi-Son society began using technology, which sparked a few prejudices against the other people. Fearing that this would cause a massive conflict, the leaders of all villages decreed that the best thing to do is to let people be free to choose what they want with their society. So a law was created that no person should be judged for daily appliances.

Then came the year when Hank the Mutant Frog was banished here for his 'evolution-accelerating' crimes against the UUniverses by the High Council. Hank looked at this world, and saw it as an excellent place to resume his work. Though he was stripped of all his equipment, including his worms, he was able to regain his power by collecting more Riberoia worms from the environment, knowing exactly where they could be found, and scavenging the abandoned stations for new equipment. He eventually established a new base in an abandoned Mega-Sci Corp station, which was the biggest he could find, and he began kidnapping victims and testing his worms on them. This caused a chain of events that caused global infection of the worm, turning most of the inhabitants into mutant zombies. Those that did survive were forced to seek shelter and abandon their villages.

Hank went through this takeover unopposed until he gained a new henchman in the form of the severely-injured and dismembered Alister Beaksworth, which he gave cybernetic enhancements derived from the scientist's own cybernetic work, and gave the alias 'MechaTalon'. He would help him kidnap Princess Celestia, and he discovered that her DNA might hold the key to his goals in accelerating evolution. Though the princess was able to convince Alister out of his misguided servitude, and with the help from the Shell Lodge Squad and Alister's old girlfriend in the EPA, Hank was defeated and sent to Prison 42, the mutant worms spread across the planet were killed and given to the Galactic Federation for experimentation in Galaxy Defense Industries, and all people were cured from the worms. Ever since, more people started to see what technology could do outside of doing small harm to an ecosystem. So more people started applying technology. Poi-Son remained un-touched ever since.


Poi-Son is a swampy world which has been named for it's chemical-rich soil and it's volcanic eruptions having the highest concentration of chemicals than any normal volcanic eruptions, though they don't erupt for less than a million years. Yet while this could result in acid rain on any normal world, that is actually not common since the clouds' alternate makeup relies on these chemicals to create normal rain. People on this world are swamp animals, and those that aren't swamp-dwelling are either immigrated or otherwise. The people here live in Amish societies with villages consisting of wooden bridges and walkways, treehouses, and so on, yet process little technology since, because of the many research stations that were built on the planet that were doing a bit of pollution in the air and water, the people here decided to not trust technology. Though some have it, most preferred not to use it. However, since they saw that technology could actually do as much good as it could evil since it saved their lives when the Shell Lodgers defeated Hank, almost 64% of the inhabitants decided to try out technology more, not caring that much that technology is what nearly ruined them to begin with.

Swamps on this world are worldwide. The soil often contains high amounts of chemicals which, while offering nitrogen for good farming, it also makes plant life have a year low of a lifespan since the chemicals can't allow them to live that long. While there are no oceans on this planet, the swamp waters can be just as deep. Despite the chemicals on the planet, water here stays clean and chemical-free, making it drinkable and for swimming and/or bathing. Lakes are common here as well, often being as large as bays, and some areas contain geyser fields that are used for baths and so on. There are open areas in the swamp where certain buildings can be built, more-or-less including research stations. However, these stations are mainly abandoned due to budget cuts and environmental complaints, and because all technology in these stations weren't properly taken care of, it allowed Hank to make it his main home for evil. One such station ended up becoming a base for Hank to use, which inconveniently was a station belonging to Mega-Sci Corp filled with abandoned genetic projects, including one for a creature he renamed Death Raven which he used for his battle against the Lodgers, and lost drafts for bio-engineering, which further empowered Hank.


The planet is covered entirely with swamp. The planet's tectonic plates are hidden under the swamps' massive grove, and it's volcanoes and mountains are found almost everywhere. It is easy to get lost in the swamps of this world, so villages and colonies are only found in navigable areas such as around the open areas of the planet and lakes, and are rarely found inside the swamp forests. The world also has glaciers on both the north and south poles.

Open Areas

Michilot Area

  • Wolford (Capital Village)
  • Lake Thatch
  • Lake Oren
  • Lake Vard
  • Ross Lake

Creber Area

  • Sherfield (Capital Village)
  • Lake Roone
  • Lake Bella

Everton Area

  • Thralkeld (Capital Village)
  • Lyster Lake
  • Lake Helen
  • Lake Rowling
  • Foxx Lake

Judd Area

  • Croydon (Capital Village)
  • Lake Judd
  • Neeling Lake
  • Griffin Lake
  • Lake Luster
  • Lake Hanscom

Oconell Area

  • Mirefield (Capital Village)
  • Lake Oconell
  • Lake Malachite
  • Shirley Lake
  • Mallow Lake
  • Lake Canning

Wenger Area

  • Mega-Sci Corp Main Station (Hank's Old Hideout)
  • Oakheart (Capital Village)
  • Lake Wenger
  • Lake Tsider
  • Monk Lake
  • Shady Lake
  • Lake Bibbs
  • Lake Detroit

Pendergrass Area

  • Lerwick (Capital Village)
  • Pendergrass Lake
  • Lake Jade

Tubbs Area

  • Leafside (Capital Village)
  • Lake Tubbs
  • Lake Henning
  • Dawn Lake

Hornsby Area

  • Saxondale (Capital Village)
  • Hornsby Lake
  • Lake Jennings

Lassiter Area

  • Kinallen (Capital Village)
  • Lassiter Lake
  • Lake Togen

Reardon Area

  • Timesdon (Capital Village)
  • Lake Reardon
  • Cross Lake
  • Tipping Lake
  • Lake Gummer
  • Lake Baker
  • Chrysler Lake
  • Lake Opal

Mountain Areas

  • Huctins Mountains
  • Marmalade Mountains
  • Campbell Mountains
  • Weber Mountains
  • Soloman Mountains
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