Polarity Push

Princess Polarity Push is an Equestrian pure reindeer from the land of Rangifia in Cervia. She is the princess of Rangifia and the very cheerful and jolly daughter of King Boreal who is also training to be a Hearth Reindeer, or a reindeer that brings gifts to the good people of the world every Hearth's Warming Eve night. She figures that by joining the School of Friendship, she can learn to be a greater Hearth Reindeer than anyreindeer before. She's cheery, joyful, and extremely good at giving gifts as in part of being a Hearth reindeer. But problem is she has issues with being subtile about her "Hearth's Intuition" and often ends up reveiling personal infomation like a well-meaning adorable yuts, hence why she is in the school.


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