Ciev Ito Brainer

Ciev Ito Brainer, amnesiac and agent name Ponder, is an Alternate UUniversal Comman from Planet Commanitiosis. He was formerly a rogue agent for his people that, viewing the Union of Independent Systems as a bad influence to his ultra-intelligence race during their claim of their territory, threatened to sell out their secrets to the only ones he felt could keep the worst from happening: The United Usurpation Force. But before he could even start that, he was lobotomized and dumped onto Junkworld by his older agent brother before he had the chance. But he was found by the UUF with no memory of his past, and by joining Team Cibarron, fights to find the truth. But despite people like the deductive Click telling him that some memories are best left unremembered, his pride refuses to let him listen and is the only one who also respects the pride of Stryke Cibarron for his own race that Click also protests to for the safety of everyone through finding devices of his own race's creation that are too dangerous to possess, but compromises his position one day by contemplating firing Click, and by doing so unintentionally questioning their friendship. Though this makes Ponder very upset, he still serves well for his company despite his own pride.


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