Orifice is a David-Bowie-sounding Wilirk, or a mythical AUU creature capable of opening and manipulating portals. With him becoming a constant annoyance and finally proving to be up to no good, the AUU Grand Council and the Heroes Act call the Lodgers for help. Thus, they discover that Orifice is off to The Portus System which is a system full of portals, referred to as 'anomalies', to many strange and still undiscovered dimensions, plains of existence, and even currently-unrecognizable UUniverses. Portus Prime is the home and the headquarters of The Dimension Jumpers, or those that reside in the ACRE (Anomaly Control and Research Establishment) and wish to seek out other plains of existence to see and experience things that are different and unique from the rest of the AUU. Unfortunately, when the Lodgers come and warn them about Orifice, Orifice invites Glowrod and friends into his quest to build a vast interdimensional army and invade every plain in the multiverse including the OUU and AUU, all while promising they can look for a portal that leads to a dimension dominated by only evil and basically do a reverseo-chango to the first time the Lodgers came to the AUU and use all the interdimensional power for evil, under the condition he become the new leader of the new Villains Act. It's up to our heroes to cancel their travel plans and prevent a VA return via alternate dimensions. However, in doing so, both our heroes and Glowrod's troupe end up separated to extremely and radically-different dimensions to the AUU and the Original UUniverse alike, especially when they discover that Orifice is not the Orifice of the AUU, as the AUU Orifice is the boyfriend of Master Porthole's daughter. The Orifice they were fighting was what's known as a 'pan-dimensional rogue', or a person who jumps all over dimensions in vain looking for their home dimension after they are unintentionally sent to another universe, particularly through a black hole or singularity. Because he has all but given up in searching for his home UUniverses, and his homesickness and frustration drives him to become an interdimensional overlord who wants to declare a new Villains Act, as he is from a very reverseso-chango AUU, of which is exactly what Glowrod wanted. Now, not only do they need to capture Glowrod and his associates and tell him that this is all a lie, but also solve the current dimension's problem because that problem would make leaving difficult and it has to be addressed since they're there, especially since their villains are WORKING with the problem.


(Dazzlings' Battle Theme)

Courtney Gears Battle Theme

Courtney Gears Battle Theme

(Orifice's Songs)

  • (Reverse AUU Orifice's Main Song)
David Bowie - Killing a Little Time (Audio)

David Bowie - Killing a Little Time (Audio)

  • (AUU Orifice's Flashback and How He First Met Porthole's Daughter)
David Bowie - Let's Dance (Album Version)

David Bowie - Let's Dance (Album Version)

Setting and Setup

Human Equestria

Live-Action UUniverses

  • Heroes: (TBA...)
  • Villains: General Tarvox
  • Native Heroes: Eddie Valiant, Edmond, (More TBA...)
  • Native Villains: (TBA...)

The Pirate Universe

  • Heroes: (To Be By MSM)
  • Villains: Zigmound and his crew.
  • Native Heroes: Simster, a Sinbad/Jack Sparrow-style alien space sailor and the nemesis of Tentaclebeard
  • Native Villains: Tentaclebeard, a fearsome space pirate lord of the universe and an attempter to make himself pirate king of the universe.

The Pilgrim-Salem Era Universe

  • Heroes: (To be by MSM/Primairly the magic heroes)
  • Villains: Screeched Death
  • Native Heroes: The Turkey Resistance, basically a blend between the past turkeys of Free Birds and the turkey revolution of When Turkeys Revolt, out to stop the tyranny of Raven-Claws.
  • Native Villains: A den of bird-Lady witches called Raven-Claws, infamously known for their curses and hexes, though are only evil because they were enslaved by a human on par with Standish in Free Birds named Mister Turnage, who runs a feudal dystopia and threatens to have them for an eternal Thanksgiving if they refuse to serve him.

The Transylvania Universe

  • Heroes: (To be by MSM.)
  • Villains: Matrix
  • Native Heroes: Vladimir the Avenger, the vampire who is on par with TFS Alucard yet is not as violent and more child-friendly in his methods, albeit was that way in the past, and Amos Von Helsing, his human master who descended from the vampire hunter who reformed him with the sole purpose of redeeming the evil of vampires and other monsters all over the dimension.
  • Native Villains: Count Cruellera and his co-ruler Dr. Madinstein, who are the two dark ruling fascist villains controlling a war against vampires and humans in the Transylvanian Universe.

The Roman-Alien Universe

  • Heroes: (To be by MSM).
  • Villains: Pyro Praveen (Posing as the universes' emperor because by dumb chance he looks nearly simular to him)
  • Native Villains: Brutelon, the greedy real emperor's adviser who's in on Pyro's otherwise ill-advised scam and made sure the real emperor was disabled.

The Reverse Alternate UUniverses (Orifice's Home Dimension)

  • Heroes: (To be by MSM.)
  • Villains: Glowrod
  • Native Villains: The Dark Crusaders Act, The reverse verson of the Heroes Act, where this universes Villains act are actselly Liberators named The Liberators Act, and like the original AUU, the Liberators are usually the one-sided winners.

Unknown And Physically-Inverted Universe (Final Battle Setting)

  • Heroes: All Heroes
  • Villains: Orifice
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