Austin Jax Powersborough

Austin J. Powersborough, AKA Powerborrow, is a Superior panther chameleon from Kratos who trains in the Hephaestus House of the Renaissance School. He is a Superior with the ability of power mimicry and power manipulation, but both these powers are controversial because of them commonly used for illegal purposes, whether stealing or violating Superior laws. Thus Superiors like him were mistreated and he took it too far when he used these powers to depower his entire high school unless they apologize for their mistreatment. But by doing this, he violated several Superior laws and was legally punished with 10 years of jailtime. Upon release, he became an antisocial vigilante that was merciless in the herowork he did, including one of his victims, Guisegirl, a shapeshifting chameleon that was traumatized by his theft of her powers that she aimed to 'perfect' mimickers, until he returned and defeated her without even apologizing. He never publicly showed his powers because his actions in high school have made him fear being oppressed and therefore afraid to make the same mistake. Thus he was eventually welcomed by another victim who actually understood him and helped enroll him into Renaissance School, and even suggests to hide his manipulation abilities so he can show everyone his deepest self before showing his true self. He is the Superior version of Neito Monoma, aka Phantom Thief from My Hero Academia.
  • MCode: PbPmPn.


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