Pinkie Pie has been kidnapped by a team up of Devious Puppet, Crackerjackeria, and Limbo's Jesters, all while following the orders of another member of the Storm King's Family, this time, the family's embarrisment and youngest brother, The Joke Prince, who is choked up on the absorbsion of Chaos Magic ever since he accsidently swallowed the lost Rubied Orb of Tyranny, another Chaos Wars creation, and he became obcessed with making pranks and chaos ever since and losing sight of the clan's ways to the point of black sheep status. Now, The Jokes Prince and his partners in mean-spirited and wreckless comedy, now intend to turn Pinkie Pie into something the Main 7 thought would never be dealt with again: A Nightmareifived Pony! The Jokes Prince had managed to discover the secret of how the Nightmares made Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Rarity happen and now aims to Nightmareify Pinkie Pie. And he does and unleashes onto the world, Pinkmare Fun, a Nightmareafived Pinkie Pie that wants to bring form "Enturnal Hilarity", and under the control of the Storm King's super embarrising little brother who's personality is the equilent of a man-child on a suger rush and a bunch of others, Equestia is gonna end up being the punchline to every single mean joke in the book unless the Lougers and the other heroes stop this!


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