Preachlord Nooms

"Shakona-Nimm be prhaise."

Preachlord Joith W. Noom is an Alternate UUniversal Chimerge from the moon of Bauhe. He is the cruel former ruler of a Chimerge church on his home moon who had tie-ins with it's ruler. He suffers from a rare fur mutation that keeps him from having stripes, and he had a rather skinny figure which was also the result of a mutation, making him look like a skinny lion. Back when he was younger, he always admired the previously-forsaken religion of 'Shakona-Nimm'. But things got worse for him when his race dropped the religion to focus on the pursuit of technology, and he was bullied in his childhood for his skinny body and his beliefs in a religion that 'nobody cares about anymore'. The bullies had always interrupted his speeches about his religion and insulted it to the point that they hurt his feelings. This resulted in him murdering the bullies with his father's hunting plasma rifle, and he was sued by their families and his parents had great resent towards him for his actions. Noom had eventually been released at adulthood under probation, and discovered a group of people who still respected his religion. They built their own church to remind people of the power they left behind, and Noom was able to fully restore it under the authority of the moon's ruler, and even became a good friend to him. But the problem was that Noom still took offense at those who still insult the religion after his tragic past. The religion was also given some needlessly strict things about naming things after Shakona as a likely result of his previous childhood torment, surprisingly turning away his former friends of even the most loyal of Shakona and making the ruler reconsider his friendship for turning a peaceful religion into a 'censorship philosophy' which is not a very appreciated form of religion because it involved cruel punishments for those who violated such rules. He ended up unknowingly making the Shakona religion even more dead through his changes on the testaments to the point that even sacred popes would threaten to forsaken it. Noom never realized the truth and will never wake from his delusions, caring only about keeping the belief alive even when he was unknowingly and ignorantly making it more dead than it previously was. His legacy would last until one fateful day where he robbed Zorb the Wise of his single mother and his life for naming his teddy bear after Shakona, which was considered blasphemy. Years passed and Zorb became an atheist and reported Noom's crime to the Union Against Religious Abuse on the exact same day Noom attempted to murder the wife of Councilman Naeem for naming her pet worm 'Nimmy'. He was removed from power, and the religion was abolished once again, this time forever. Noom swore horrendous vengeance against Zorb and the UARA for 'unfairly' attacking his right of belief, and swore to one day seek them out if given an opportunity should he somehow find a way off Oranos.


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