The Lodgers go to the Isolated Systems of the Tebble Sector to deal with another UIS concern involving a missing UIS benefactor, a Coraak named Chairmen Fatstacks O'lootmenton. However, The Gatekeepers of Tebble, dispite how the Lougers helped them out in Isolated Tebble Expedition, have become mysteriously adamant about letting the heroes through and won't exactly explain the full details, saying that it's a matter of universeal security, forcing them to sneak inside without their knowledge. They go to the planet Poula with a scrappy and trigger-happy young Pouge named Fuego, whose father abandoned him and left for the gambling planet of Figh-tar in the Road-Battal System, a system ruled in a Street-Fighter-like system. Fuego explains the reason behind the Gatekeepers lack of willingness to let them in: Dr. Hack Knee is back. He kidnapped the benufactor to force him to give UIS money to fund a resistence against UIS' isolation of the systems by having enslaved the most powerful races of the systems, the trilobite-like Trilodytes, the placoderm-mermaid Plams, the fish-ape Devonads, the synapsid Therapsoids, the raptor-like Dromes, the lemur-loris-like Idids, the orangutan-Australopithecus-like Eods, the ape-like Grids, the colossal ape-like Apeds, and the human-ape Gominids. Dr. Hack Knee went from sympathic genius only wanting to discover more into becoming more of a deranged super-villain! Fortunately, these enslaved tribes hate eachothers guts, and Hack Knee is not having much success with them. The Lougers and Fuego aim to use that to their advantage.

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