Gomer M. Retribus is a fictional Superior osprey published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He was a criminal who was busted by The Amazing Nine before they were banished. Years later, he attempted to get revenge by gaining sensitive information that could send The Amazing Nine to jail. He had become a vigilante, and had been investigating the Amazing Nine's return and heroism. He discovers that most of the villains they fought they also unintentionally created, as well as acting outside the law, and even proving the police forces to be unneeded. No one seems to know that he's just doing it for revenge, and the verdict of their guilt is given. But before they could be punished, a few of their allies appear and acquit them. Prejudice then reveals himself, and tries to kill the Amazing Nine himself. Fortunately, he is arrested again. Since then, Prejudice has been getting revenge several times, In another issue, he uses his new telepathic powers to cause Super Lion to experience a tragic reality where he and The Amazing Nine are facing the authorities after they accidentally kill Grotch thinking they were taking down Grinchgrog. While the Amazing Nine in reality tries to capture him and snap him out of the mayhem he's causing from his hallucinatory trance, most of the Amazing Nine in his mind are sent to jail or killed, and he is turned in by Grinchgrog, who is made a hero after it. Luckily, his members are able to save him from the vision before he is permanently lobotomized, and they turn in Prejudice afterward. Prejudice is an excellent master of evil, and knows how to play to the Amazing Nine's weaknesses well, making him one of their worst enemies. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, telepathy, telekinesis, and invisibility.

  • MCode: IvbSaSsTkTpy


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