An Exsample of a Preserver.

Preservers are a more benvolent counter-part and anti-thesis polor oppisite of Verse Scrappers. These insectiod DNA-limbed Bot looking Outer Gods have been known to safeguard and preserve previous Multiverses that even so much has only one United Universe dimention and only collections of dimentions too minor to count as a multiverse. Like Verse Scrappers, they're beings not related to the Amoral Ones and are seperate outer entities. They exist to help a Multiverse that would otherwise had been "cruely" deemed "Failures" just because they are not a proper multiverse and failed to have more then one United Universe. So they aim to nurture and grow that particular would've been Multiverse and help it become a Multiverse. While so, they would scare off and attack Verse Scrap Hags or even Worser beings to secure a Multiverse with a potaintional for revivalisation and for it's multiverseal pretentional to be seen. Albeit, they often have to do this in secret due to strict outer being regulations, so they end up not being able to get too involved, but they do make up for it by seeing to it that the Inrealm Gods take proactive charge in a functional United Universes to be the seed that would germinate into a new multiverse. Once that Multiverse reaches it's full potaintional, the Preservers basicly assume the role usually belonging to Amoral Ones and basicly still watch over the completed Multiverse, albeit less willing to use Horrorfying Destroyers of varing levels or other iffy creationseven if there's a rynme and reason to them, that may not always follow an intended design. Instead, to prevent a Multiverse from going down the same path that ended up having it been pre-maturely deemed a failure to begin with, they select the being with the purest heart and greatest potaintional to be what they would name "The Ultamate Peacekeeper", that would over-come the greatest native challnages and pasify all would-be oppisition. This way, Inter-Dimentional Empires can't form as easily, and a more unigite form of balence is atthived.
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