President Falle

President Richard Gerald Ryan Falle

President Richard G.R. Falle is a genetically-engineered human from Mutantus, and is said world's current president on the humans side who has been struggling to make a peace treaty with Lord Decapod since a recent negotiation resulted in the death of the mutants' last leader, Lord Evolfield, who helped guide the humans with his extended lifespan for several years since before The End, and tries to carry on his legacy by trying to stop the relations between human and mutant from going sour by trying his best to be diplomatic with Falle, not helped by people including his discriminant enhanced general and Leader of Team Gunz General Gunn Gunner, as well as his own hesitant relationship with BioGen Inc leader Doctor Bio Genner LXV. He continues to keep peace with his own people while Decapod does the same for his.


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