President Gamton T. Hackagon is an Alternate UUniversal Ryptock from Planet Mieber. He is assently a cross-between a raptor and a peacock, and is Mieber's current president. His clan is known to have taken safety more then what many other worlds are used to and turned the planet into a society similar to Demolition Man, where any form of hostility, including alcohol, swearing, and drugs are illegal and punishable in various ways. However, dispite this never being a problem at first, in thanks to his own brother and an obvious bad enfluence, this NOW gained controversy to people who want to impose personal liberty, and thus formed an Unerground where the things that have been illegalized are freedoms. But in reality, Hackagon is actually a nice guy. His homeworld's star, which is called Maaphus in the public, yet is called 'Corruptus' in a classified manner, has corruptive radiation that was brought onto Mieber by a solar flare from a long time ago that caused wide-spread corruption that forced the Hackagon clan to congure the world to save it. The family long desided that the only way to maintain the corruption is to restrict certain things as much as possable. Though Gamton is not greatly proud of this, he accepts this as an unavoidable fact of life and even defelupts negitive feelings towords alcahol and drugs anyway and was never a fan of cussing. His brother, Rea Buhl Hackagon, however, mistook his actions as an act of tyranny and being a control freak too obcessed with order, and disbelieves the claims of Corruptus, and thus, after a bitter arguement almost turned fatal, Rea left the goverment side and single-handedly formed the Underground, completely ignorant that he was under Corruptus' influence. However, Gamton was getting suspicions that the Underground was planning terrorist attacks, and thus hired a double agent in the form of a primate named Tollund, in order to sneak into the Underground and report it's progress. He is still troubled on what to do about the Corruptus Crisis to this very day.


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