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Mana Lord Scalemyer

President Scalemyer, A.K.A. Mana Lord Scalemyer, is the then-president of the Skep race and founder of UIS along with Grandmind as leading figure, Commodore Komodore of the Vyrans and King Snoortos of the Bullas. Scalemyer won the election for president in respondse to the Pharagu dishastor and has long since promised to Restore Pharagu to it's Iconic Beautiful Glory in the eyes of the Skep race and to correct the sins of the USRA. Thus, in cause of winning the election from a Skep President that had USRA Ambitions who's reputation was forever tainted cause of it, Scalemyer was made a no-contest winner, thus, he would be swayed by Grandmind to have the Skeps join and Found UIS. Initionally, Scalemyer and the other founders, Grandmind espeically, were all like friends, brothers even, though he sometimes found Snoortos to be boarish sometimes and Komodore to be ruled by war defeat anxity, of which he aimed to find a way to both ease them yet help them reach their goals while still keeping true to the path of reclaiming Pharagu. However, Scalemyer would find himself in an unforseen event in 127 AB concerning Manatera. Scalemyer was the one who convinced Grandmind to even consider paying Manatera a visit in earnest interest after hearing Grandmind's insightfulness about the planet's legend, even inspite of Snoortos sleeping his ass off from it and Komodore being a sceptic to magic. The four all the same came to the planet. However, in due to Scalemyer's unflinching bitterness about Pharagu's predicerment and unrelenting resentment to the USRA races common to Skeps at the time, Scalemyer was disheartened that Manatera refused to serve UIS interest, making him look like he brought his founder peers down there for nothing. Not helping that the Grandmind was too quick to obey this refusal. As such, Scalemyer masterminded with the talked into Snoortos and Komodore about a "Plan B" of sorts: The introduction of Artifical Magic. Alas, dispite of Scalemyer's idealistic well-intentions, things backfired for him and the trio as Manatera fell apart and the Grandmind discovered what they did, not nessersarly mad, just very disappointed, thus the three were exiled from UIS and replaced by more obedient replacements. After contending with Komodore looking at Scalemyer with shame and surviving Snoortos giving him a Hulk-On-Loki beatdown, he was able to convince the both of them to try a "Plan C", for them to become the immortal sudo-god "Mana Lords" of aritical magic and redeem themselves from there and prove it's usefulness to UIS. While Scalemyer puts on a confident can-do facade, deep down he is actselly depresed and miserable, upset that he tecnecally let the Skep race down and having let Grandmind down.


Pre-Mana Lord Scalemyer