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Prime Major Admiral Asper Swipe

Prime Major Admiral Asperserious Swipe, AKA Asper Swipe and Admiral Asswipe, is a former Mewman legion leader and once-respected high-ranking official in the Mewman Army from Mewni. He is considered a powerful and long-living Mewman of the race, the greatest wielder of magic and a military leader of noble blood, a master of strategy and combat, and a master of using power to the fullest, even learning to use magic without a wand on his 10th birthday. He was a prime leader of the Mewman armies on Mewnipendence Day and the biggest player in the Great Monster Massacre after the loss of the original Mewman Dimension to The Xexaxez, something only he, selected military members, and the royal family at a certain age know, even killing the original monster king himself. He was also a prime general in fighting the subsequent wars against the Monster Army and kept the kingdom safe via adopting extremist and/or outdated methods against even monsters that didn't join the army, basically pulling a series of pre-reformed Lord Shen-style genocides of monster villages, including ones miles off of Mewman territory, as often the Admiral would lead entire legionnaire raids to attack and destroy villages and almost never take prisoners. Not even the elderly, infirm, or children are spared from these attacks. To ensure he would always be allowed to do this, he tricked every family member of the Butterflies into staying on the campaign against monsters. He manipulated Skywynne Butterfly into using time loop spells as a cheat to success in her expansion of Mewman territory, he tricked Jushtin Butterfly into leaving to marry Spiderbite Duchess Recluza fearing he would rat out his plan to use his monster-slaying sister Solaria Butterfly for his new age of monster genocide as her diplomat, ratted out Queen Eclipsa's elope with Globgor even when he promised not to after catching her in the act, getting the both of them crystallized, he tricked Festivia Butterfly, his most despised queen, into always being blissfully unaware of her true heritage as a member of the swindling Pie folk, as well as her daughters Dirhhennia Butterfly and Crescenta Butterfly, manipulating Dirhhennia into leaving to marry Chad fearing she'd rat him out, and manipulated Crescenta into creating a rigged election between Queen Avarius and Seth of Septarsis so he could rat the rig out and have her exiled and executed by the Septarians fearing her very bizarre spells and need to help even monsters being used against him, he tricked Rhina Butterfly into casting the love spell to marry John Roachley of the Lucitor family so that a likely domestic dysfunction would lead to her casting a spell that broke his heart and into his death, wanting John dead because he was a monster sympathizer, he tormented Celena Butterfly into never hunting monsters since he knew her kind-hearted nature would be used against him, and he tricked Estrella Butterfly into fearing change and thus doing little for the kingdom. But he stopped with Comet Butterfly when he was horrified that Toffee became a Xexaxez Avatar, letting Toffee kill Comet, bring her daughter Moon Butterfly to the throne, and allowing the existence of Star Butterfly, whom Asper always had a personal pet peeve and disfondness of with the shenanigans of viewing her as a disruptive 'annoying and spoiled brat', and in having known the truth of her heritage not being connected to the original king and queen of Mewni since Festivia, who was only brought in to replace Meteora from the Pie folk by King Shastacan as 'payment for the Pie folk's swindling', he knew that the Butterflies that came after Shastacan and Eclipsa were 'squirmy peasants' and had always hated on how they soiled the titles once belonging to noble-blooded Mewmans like him, seeing peasants given royal power as wayward troublemakers and spoiled children with power, but in understanding that Meteora was 'a filthy hybrid', he at the least begrudgingly coped with peasants in power for at least they were ruled by fellow Mewmans, and not a hybrid of the creatures he despised. For a great while since Star's exploits, he was often either annoyed, or even disgusted by the events that occurred with her and her human friend Marco Diaz, an 'inferior Earth ape' in his words, and how she would disrupt his desires to 'eradicate monster filth' in more ways than one starting with sympathizing with monsters like Buff Frog. But what finally broke the camel's back for him was when the truth about Eclipsa was finally revealed and returning her to power, resulting in Eclipsa quickly catching onto him and what he did to her, and even learning what he did to the entire Butterfly family from the archives in the Bureaucracy of Magic. With his entire generation of manipulation finally revealed, Eclipsa was intent on punishing him for his war crimes against Mewmanity and Monster Kind, starting by firing and exiling him, but Asper proved to be very smart and tough to cast away, as expected with an experienced general, and after a fight against her that ended with Asper declaring a draw because of an easy victory only leading to a future defeat, he proceeded to escape with loyalist soldiers to escape into the Endless Gold-Rush Dimension, a realm he had been strategizing an eventual exodus for in wanting to seek out escaped Monster Refugees there for the longest while. Thus, he and his small army of followers have been looking for the new home of the refugees ever since, not just to kill them, but to collect the powers the refugees have built over time to make themselves stronger then ever, as Asper plans to return to Mewni afterwards and ignite a revolution against Eclipsa and invoke himself as a new king, thus making sure that Mewmans do not stray from the path of wiping out Monster Kind, along with newfound interest of making an aim to conquest Marco's Earth for 'their interference of Mewman affairs and for being disgusting inferior backwater apes', likely implying that a rise of King Swipe would not be fun for anyone. It is of no question of why the Admiral is the pinnacle of monster prejudice and the one directly responsible for the biased relationship between Mewmans and monsters. He would eventually be defeated by unlikely heroes and Lord Millipede, whose race is another victimized by the Xexaxez, who curses him with a Ghost Prisoner Spell, a spell his race mastered that makes people ghosts unable to interact with anything and only others can interact with him. Imprisoned with this spell which could only be lifted by Millipede, Asper would soon be forced to use a loophole in the curse, forced to possess the body of a monster to his absolute horror. With a monster body and the body of a monster species that was among the most powerful in Mewni that fought the same monster species as Globgor, his aggression got much worse and his personality grew more monstrous. This new personality grew to where he deduced that the only way to destroy monsters is to play the game of Toffee. Though he discovered that monsters had a similar history to Mewmans and he hatched a plan to become an Avatar to finish the job, as his monstrous new personality made him mentally lost, as his initial plan was to restore his body free of the Ghost Prisoner Spell. So he steals Xoldier energy from his opposite and long-lasting enemy Seth of Septarsis, and announces Mina Loveberry as his sidekick and military head and restoring the Solarian Program created by Queen Solaria, not realizing that the title of Xexaxez Avatar must be earned by those choosen to be so by the Xexaxez, and this turns him into the most powerful rogue Xoldier of all time, declaring a final war for the fate of Mewmans and monsters, and he would be lost for good after this and had to be put out of his misery. He is a very merciless gentleman, having respects for dead Mewmans including the ones he's forced to murder, and has a voice similar to Jonathan Pryce.


Asper was born in the original Mewman dimension of Mew. He grew into a carefree happy-go-lucky child who eventually fell in love with a little girl named Rubi. The two were friends at first until they grew into seeing each other like bonded souls. Unfortunately, during the time that the Xexaxez destroyed Mew, Rubi died falling into a void of nothingness. Distraught, Asper survived and evacuated to what is now known in modern times as Mewni, but at the time was refered to as M'onstrarus by the local Monster Populations that previously welcomed Mewmans in reckitneseing their victimhood by the Xzars. Heartbroken from his loss, Asper grew into a bitter jerk who learned to use magic without the aid of a magical device at age 10, as his first spell created an immortallar tree, a tree native to Mew with fruit that granted immortality. Though the tree could not survive in Mewni, Asper ate it's fruit, giving him immortality as he grew into a fierce knight for Mewni, swearing to make Mewni a new home for Mewmans at all costs, including the complete annihilation of monsters after he convinced Mewmans, who were already put off by some of the monsters less then complimentary traits of being radically different from Mewman Culture which was more sofisicated and refined where Monsters seemed to be more animalistic and near-tribal.

Dedicated to this oath, Asper lead on the front lines during the Great Monster Massacre of Mewnipendence Day, as he personally murdered the king and queen of monsters, King and Queen Varlet. Earning several high ranks for this achievement, Asper became dedicated to ensuring that monsters are wiped out. He would thus do anything to keep Mewmans from deviating from their goal of expanding and destroying monsters. He has since been manipulating all the queens of Mewni. Outside of this, other unethical acts include convincing St. Olga, the robotic founder of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, even being respondsable for Olga's existence as she was an outdated Nanny Bot from the Roboloid Dimention, a dimention of robots, that princesses with a carefree demeanor were a poison to royalty, and thus had St. Olga's become a place where princesses were brainwashed into 'perfect princesses' after an incident where a single wayward princess almost destroyed the universe. It's debatable if this is because he doesn't want to be reminded of the loss of Rubi or because of more practical reasons like the carefree nature being both a risk of extreme deviations or just because he came to be easily annoyed by such things, but there is an implication is a combination of all those reasons.

Out of all the queens he manipulated, his favorite was Queen Solaria, because she already had the goal of exterminating all monsters creating the Solarian Program to combat the most powerful of monsters, all by using her own wand's eternal flame as their primary weapon. He even upgraded his own power with this, and improved his magic spear. At one point he even fell in love with Solaria, but because she didn't have time to obtain a king, she stood him down in marriage. Additionally, it didn't helped Asper's bitterness about it when Solaria got with Alphonse the Worthy, espeially since Alphonse was abit more moderate about the campaign against monsters and believed only the truely dangerious ones should be removed and others are to be passifived, which unsurprisingly made him a stern rival to Asper's absolutist ways. He even felt betrayed by Solaria when she stepped down as queen and shut down the Solarian Program. After a heated argument over this, Asper sent Solaria to a nighttime mission where she was ambushed and killed by Seth of Septarsis, though despite this, he still felt terrible and made sure her dying wish of having her daughter Eclipsa marry Prince Shastacan was done, but he amorally justifived the action as "A Nessersary Evil for Mewmanity", believing that Solaria losing her ways (In his opinion) would've marked the beginning of trouble for Asper. But Eclipsa knew deep down that Asper was to be held responsible for her mother's death and just decides to run off with Globgor. Asper catches her in the act, but Eclipsa threatens to tell everyone about him masterminding Solaria's death through a scroll from the archives of the Bureaucracy of Magic if he revealed her disobedience. But Asper, too dedicated to royalty, breaks his promise and tells the Magic High Commission and Shastacan about her, Globgor, and their daughter Meteora. Eclipsa was thus crystallized before she could elope with Globgor with the intent of destroying Seth of Septarsis, both as an act of avenging Solaria and to rid the monster community of "Their own Asper Problem", Meteora is abducted and swapped out to St. Olga for a Pie Folk peasant girl named Festivia, whom Asper himself stole as payment for the Pie Folks' scams on the kingdom, and he destroyed the scroll evidence. But this enraged Globgor into eating Shastacan and laying barbaric siege on his family kingdom, the Spiderbite Kingdom, getting him crystallized in the process. Cause of having priorly ensured Shastacan that Globgor was rendered docile by Eclipsa, Asper is haunted by buyer's remorse on not figuring that Eclipsa's imprisonment would trigger Globgor's more primal instincts and regress him back to his previous ways, which inspired Asper to aim to be more perfect and more capable to predict what enemies would do next ever since, along with giving him a further intolerence to things not going as intended. 

In a time prior to the time of Comet Butterfly, he accepted a deciple in the form of the sheltered and overly sensitive ten year old D'oughe Bagg, who dispite his meekly appearence and overtly smothered relationship of his overly loving parents, Asper was impressed by his great knowledge and magic cabailities, thus granted him a position as a deciple and his own spellbook and cane-wand accompanied by the large-mustached cousin of Glossaryck, Siamimaana, an even bigger goofball then Glossaryck cause he doesn't take anything seriously and just crack jokes and is obcessed with "The Bird is the word", to Asper's annoyence in not already being a fan of any of Glossaryck's kin. By the reign of Comet Butterfly, he started going low on his activity when he discovered that Seth, his equal rival, had unintentionally become a Xoldier, and Toffee became a Xexaxez Avatar. But to be sure of it, he allowed his meekly now slightly older D'oughe Bagg to make the mistake of convincing Comet to use a peace treaty to quell the war instead of absolute surrender of land cause Bagg feared the controversey would hurt young Moon as well as Comet. He ended up unsurprised, but still worried when Comet lost her life to Toffee, who unsurprisingly wasn't a fan of the treaty and killed her to deminstriaght how uncceptable the prospect of it was, and the crown was handed to her teenage daughter Moon. Bagg meanwhile, was reliefed of his capability of being Asper's deciple because of inadvertingly setting up Comet to die, even though as far as anyone knows, Comet planned the treaty all along, but Asper removed ties with Bagg anyway in an event Bagg's incompidence with it was found out and Asper is blamed by virtue of adopting Bagg as a deciple to begin with, leaving Bagg to wallow in regret of causing a queen to die for misguided reasons based on his own feelings for Moon, even when he wasn't of royal blood and that she clearly has a thing with Young River. Moon made a deal with the crystallized Eclipsa that in return for the spell to destroy Toffee, Eclipsa would be set free. This worried Asper more, as he feared that if Eclipsa was allowed to be set free, the risk of her coming back into power would allow her to expose his crimes, especially since she had access to the Bureaucracy of Magic's royal archives. So he convinced Moon that Eclipsa was better off crystallized, tried to find and destroy Toffee himself, and even saw her own daughter Star as someone not only too undeserving of the Royal Magic Wand or the crown and saw Marco as a bad influence on her, trying to get her sent to St. Olga's fruitlessly, but too recklessly sympathetic due to her carelessness, horrified when he learns that Star read Eclipsa's chapter and didn't think it was a big deal, fearing she'll try to undo everything he did. But even after so many attempts, he failed to keep Eclipsa from becoming queen again. Now that she had the power to do so, she confronted him with the entire history of his crimes and terminated his position. Angered, the two fight and the battle ends in a stalemate when Asper realizes that defeating her won't be a permanent victory and decides to leave the dimension to prepare for revenge. He would came to require flegdling loyalist he had recruited prior to that fateful fight and buildt a secret base of operations in the Endless Gold Rush Dimention and enslaved many wayword travelers, prospectors, pioneers and vagabonds, even some unlukcy nomadic Catcus People, to turn into slaves to build up an invadtion force for a return to Mewni in due time with a stronger army, even having still hold Glossaryck's sister against her will since she was attached to the spear's instruction manual that Asper kept, so he maintains his magic, aiming to ensure nothing stops him.


Asper is just as proficient in strategy as Toffee. His plans go close to victory and mostly do because he manages to use any advantage. His military experience and combat is vast as one of the longest-living Mewmans, as his longevity has been improved by the Solarian era of Mewni. He has a great learning intelligence and can take advantage of anything and plan strategies like instinct. His time in the Solarian era allowed him to advance further in these abilities.

As a Mewman with great longevity, he not only learned every spell in the Book of Spells, including those in Eclipsa's forbidden chapter, but he can use magic without an object of magic like a wand, learning this at an early age. His weapon of choice is a magic spear, which was originally created from a magical metal and then refashioned from a Solarian Sword to alternatively be a blade of magic capable of killing even the most deathly of monsters. With his strategic mind, he can use these spells advantageously, learn new and improved spells of his own, and he can adapt around curses.


Monster Body

Asper's monster body is of a monster called the Musculoirds, which are now rare and were prominent fighters in the Solarian era of Mewni capable of consuming magic, and had a war against Globgor's race. His body is similar to Globgor, but blue with spots and stripes, muscular reptilian tails, two giant ape arms and fists and two other normal arms, giant heads with monstrous teeth, devilish horns, lion manes, and vestigial wings. The monster in question he possessed was typically an elite guard of the leader of the monsters that retreated to The Endless Gold Rush Dimention, Sassafrass, that had the unfortunte duty of having to be the one to clean the imprisonment skull as part of a rotine keep the thing clean. Apawn pocession, Asper used the unlucky sot to beat up his own monster colledges and wrecked Sassafrass' home in New M'onsterarus, though thankfully Sassafrass himself was away from business, monsters were still nearly fatal injured as Asper in his begrudgent new form retreated from the Dimention, leaving residence shockful and fearful for the worse.