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Prince Blueblood is a unicorn who resides in Canterlot. He starts out as the object of Rarity's affections, but once they meet, he turns out to not be what she was expecting. "Blueblood" is an English idiom for "nobility", or being of noble birth or descent. It has been recorded since 1834 and comes from the Spanish words sangre azul, describing Spanish royal families said to be descendants of the Visigoths.

In the MLPFIM series

Prince Blueblood first appears in Rarity's fantasy in The Ticket Master, where she envisions Princess Celestia introducing her to him at the Grand Galloping Gala and the two of them swiftly falling in love and getting married. In The Best Night Ever, Rarity meets Prince Blueblood in person at the Grand Galloping Gala and he appears physically the same. Rarity expects him to court her as he did in her dream, but instead, he treats her with very little respect at all as during the night:

  • Rarity expects Prince Blueblood to give her a rose, but he takes it for himself.
  • He brings a cushion only for himself to sit in the castle's yard, leaving Rarity without a comfortable seat.
  • He expects Rarity to open the door for him.
  • He makes Rarity use her shawl to cover a puddle so he doesn't get dirty.
  • He expects her to pay for his dinner.
  • He inconsiderately dispraises Applejack's food in presence of her.
  • When Applejack's cake is catapulted across the room at him, he uses Rarity as a shield so that he won't get dirty.

In sum, Prince Blueblood appears used to being treated like royalty and chivalry is foreign to him.

Throughout the entire Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity tries to make pleasant company with Blueblood, but his self-centered nature drives her to the point of extreme irritation. After he uses her to shield himself from an incoming cake, Rarity finally snaps and tells him off as the most "uncharming prince she's ever met", and shakes the cake all over him in retaliation. After the Gala descends into chaos, Rarity and her friends leave the scene, but she loses her glass slipper when running down a set of stairs. Pinkie Pie suggests that now her prince is sure to find her; panic-stricken at the thought, Rarity smashes the slipper and runs off.

Role in the SAF Series.

In the Spongebob and Friends Series, Blueblood is proven jealious of Twilight's rose to Alicornhood and soughts to be the one who makes the asention and yet somehow sent Twilight back to the realm of mortally. This may be bad enough to the point that he may make a secret allience to enemies of the louge and some foes of the Mane 6 to make such a thing happen.

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