Prince Derek E. Stormhoof is a horse prince from Destiny Islands, the husband of Princess Marenia Typhoonica, and the father of Harmony. Starting out as a prince who was seeking to correct the corruption of Destiny Islands after the departure of his parents, he was seeking a bride to make it happen, and in time or a corrupt greedy lion named Mayor Maximillion would take over and make it worse. He gets this chance when an Equestrian merpony named Princess Marenia Typhoonica, whose kingdom was exiled to Destiny Islands seas by Discord and was falling in love with Derek and sharing sorrow for his predicament, and eventually gets a chance to meet him with help from an unexpectedly-arriving Fluttershy, whose desire to explore sea life lead her to her kingdom, and with her friends' help, including the reformed Discord, she helps Marenia find love, gets Derek the power to have Maximillion put in his place, among other threats like Equantica's corrupt councilor Dead Sea and the shark sea witch named Geogra, and the two become married, Marenia living in his kingdom, and in later years having a child named Kindness Harmony Typhoonica, whose full name was in honor of Fluttershy, and Harmony grows up with a love for her mother's home of the sea. Later, Equantica reunites with their allies of Seaquestria, the home of Marenia's old friend, Queen Novo, and her daughter Princess Skystar, who makes friends with Harmony. However, their troubles are far from over, as during Harmony's 12th birthday, they face a rogue creation of Geogra named Mantrek, who seeks the Pearl of Maricolous, and has a secret alliance with the Mae Six's enemy The Storm King. Derek has a butler in the form of an aged crane named Alfred Crane, and is essentially playing the same role as Eric in the Little Mermaid franchise.


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