Prince Knowitall Cognizanceus was a Natural Alicorn from Equestria, and the Alicorn God of Knowledge, Intelligence, Coordination, Strategy, And Wisdom. His first name may look like the work of mocking parents or a typical bully's insult, but it's actselly something of his own design, because his last name, and original first name, despite being derived from the word 'cognizance' which means knowledge and awareness, was ridiculously hard to to pronounce to those 'not in the same tier' as he is like ponies and other mortals, so he intentionally adopted the albeit insulting Know-It-All phrase because, in all fairness, he does know-it-all, so he choose to simplfy himself then give ponies needless difficulty about the name, deeming his pride less impourent and finding impourence in not being a name inconvinence to others.


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