Prince Picture-Perfect is an Alicorn from Equestria who is a hardly-spoken-of sibling to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and the father of Princess Cadance. He is older than Luna, yet younger than Celestia, and he was born when King Nightus and Queen Heavenslight wished to have a prince that could carry on a good lineage and help bring balance to the ponies of Equestria. Unfortunately, all he brought was an obsession of order and perfection as he was confused by all the chaotic flaws the kingdom had. This ultimately left him to commit an act that forced Nightus and Heavenslight to send him away to avoid backlash from their people, and this in turn caused him to think that they replaced him with Luna, a new child. Fed up and feeling abandoned, he left and founded his own kingdom. A kingdom where he established 'perfection' and became obsessed with keeping it perfect, even if it means prosecution and/or execution. He even had a child in the form of Cadance, who was born with a Unicorn mother, and she herself was born as a Pegasus who did a princess-worthy deed like Twilight, but Cadance, as a result of her father's ways, got upset that she would be ostracized and shunned, and left to be adopted by Celestia as a niece, and in order to hide her questionable family lineage, she called her an 'adopted' niece. When she speaks of her father on rare occasions, she always claims that he's not an Alicorn. He has a bit of personality of Lord Faarquad.


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Picture-Perfect is a male Sun-themed Alicorn with golden and green attire, a dark-blue-and-indigo mane and tale like that of Luna's, only the mane is much shorter and has a male-like style, a sun-colored body, an emerald-encrusted crown, and a heliocentric galaxy cutie mark.

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