Prisston Yel Pantsworth is an Alternate UUniversal Xorabeak from Planet Xorbeth. He is a very mild-mannered graceful and yet self-absorbed avian son of one of the Dukes of the Xorabeak race who seeks to be great in endless ways, expecting the best of his servants, which is why as a baby he demanded too much from his father, who crudely gave him his name. His father considered him 'the worst person he gave birth to compared to his siblings', which is why Prissy got with the visionaries lead by Elegy Groyson, who didn't like Xorabeaks for their glory-hogging professions and especially his father for choosing to name his son so crudely. Thus he took him in and, with equal lack of care because of his egomania, made him only a servant. Thus when they illegally established a kingdom in Union of Independent Systems territory out of jealousy, Priss was not given the glory he asked for and he instead set up an oasis in Governor Dion's land which extorted money for all natural resources to feed his own ego, threatening to replace and severely punish anyone who questioned his leadership. He will not care for anyone but himself and expects others to do the same, including his right-hand Phend bounty hunter Rogh whom he lies to about being abandoned for the infamous prejudice her race suffered, and will destroy social concerns or anything else if he thinks they will be a threat to his rule. He personally seeks to find The Nomadic Gorserian for his 'friend' El Groy, but he doesn't know that no matter what he does, Groy only still sees Xorabeaks as glory-hoggers just like UIS and sees him as nothing as a 'fall guy' and someone to use. He is the AUU version of Nomad of Nowhere Don Paragon.


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Priss is just like Don Paragon, with the same attire, but he is a Xorabeak with blue feathers, an apricot beak, and baby blue eyes.

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